Latest innovations in technology have made our lives more convenient and productive. There are smartphones and smartwatches. There are electric cars that charge electricity instead of gasoline. And man now plans to live in Mars. Despite all these breakthroughs in the modern world, a recent research revealed that 40 percent of manufacturing companies are still using papers and calendar reminders to run their operation and maintain their facilities. 64 percent of these manufacturing companies are until now setting up reminders through calendars and using various tools to do their routine maintenance.

While these practices are still working, they are now viewed as outdated and are hindering your business from becoming more efficient and productive. If your equipment is not in its best shape, it follows that you cannot produce the best products for your customers. If you want to increase your productivity and optimize manufacturing maintenance, you will need an optimizing tool to do these things for you, and even more. This is where Computerized Maintenance Management Systems or CMMS comes in.

What is CMMS?

CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems is a software specially designed to optimize maintenance task for smart working and easy sharing. It is the perfect optimizing tool that a manufacturing company needs nowadays. Through this software, you can easily make and assign work orders to your team. You can also prolong the life of your equipment and machinery through CMMS by implementing a preventive maintenance plan. Progress in the operation can also be tracked anywhere using only your smartphone equipped with a CMMS mobile app.

The CMMS Advantage

With CMMS in your business, you will experience lower time spent for documentation and lessen over time. In the conventional type of operating the business, maintenance technicians burn their time tracking orders, scheduling tasks, and completing paper works. This will no longer be the case with Computerized Management Maintenance System. Their time could now be constructively used in fixing equipment issues and keeping up with maintenance schedules.

CMMS also delivers real-time status of work to ensure that nothing is forgotten. It is now easier to monitor every work order since overdue, pending, and in-progress status of the task are updated. The latest information can be easily obtained, raising better accountability among personnel. In addition, CMMS provides easy access to upcoming and in-progress work. This enables technicians to concentrate on more crucial maintenance tasks. The software also provides a centralized perspective of the work status. This aids in better decision-making and scheduled maintenance. As a result, significant savings and fewer disruptions can be achieved in the operation.

In addition to this, computerized maintenance management systems also send emails and notifications to the specified personnel so that tasks assigned could get done on time. This feature helps the business distributing the work properly. This will also avoid downtimes and delays and better accountability. CMMS is also capable of producing auto-generated reports that are very helpful in making crucial decisions. Each operation is streamlined on a single platform upon the compilation of data. This includes planning inventory, scheduling issues, and even analyzing energy usage.

CMMS for Easier Preventive Maintenance

When business integrates a CMMS system, the number of equipment breakdowns are reduced, and preventive maintenance is easier to perform. This results to optimize plant performance and better business. If you are a key decision maker and is considering on purchasing an optimizing tool for your manufacturing maintenance, call FaciliWorks. Our company offers CMMS software that is easy to use and competitively priced. This will help you obtain greater asset uptime by reducing your maintenance cost while maximizing your productivity. Call us now and we will help you all the way.