FaciliWorks CMMS


Improve Productivity

FaciliWorks CMMS software improves your organization’s productivity by maximizing equipment uptime and keeping assets in peak operating condition. This reduces unplanned downtime and demand maintenance. Work efficiency is also achieved through better scheduling of maintenance staff.

Prevent Mistakes

FaciliWorks prevents the maintenance supervisor from inadvertently assigning a task with insufficient parts or labor. By using FaciliWorks to eliminate these and other scheduling mistakes, the overall performance of the maintenance department will dramatically improve.

Control Operating Costs

FaciliWorks lets you control and lower maintenance department costs by improving the efficiency of routine tasks, thus preventing costly repairs. And because you don’t stop paying employees when equipment isn’t functioning, preventing downtime also delivers lower operating costs.

Become Proactive

Taking control of maintenance functions gives you the freedom to move maintenance activities out of crisis mode and into planning mode.

Avoid Legal Obligations and Liability

FaciliWorks can protect your organization against lawsuits and other potential risks. Many organizations have the legal obligation to perform regular maintenance on equipment, such as elevators, fire prevention systems, medical equipment, etc. FaciliWorks will alert you when maintenance is required, will continue to remind you until the work is actually done and will preserve records proving that the necessary maintenance was completed.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Using FaciliWorks helps you promptly and reliably perform preventative maintenance, allowing you to spot and correct potential dangers, resulting in fewer equipment malfunctions and a safer environment. For this reason, insurance companies may reduce the premiums of organizations that use maintenance software, because its proper use reduces the chance of costly insurance claims.

Comply with Government Standards

Compliance with standards set by government agencies and international standards agencies such as ISO, FDA and others is important in manufacturing, industrial and maintenance applications. FaciliWorks enforces systematic, structured record keeping and offers a number of other features that will help your company comply with the standards detailed here.