FaciliWorks CMMS Features

Tracking critical aspects of corrective maintenance and running your preventative maintenance program is the primary functionality of FaciliWorks; often, CMMS software is called “work order software” or “preventative maintenance software” for this reason. As time goes on, important details of asset management are tracked and fed into key performance indicators, inventory, labor management, scheduling, etc. The more you use FaciliWorks, the more accurately it helps streamline your operations.

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Preventative Maintenance and Unscheduled Work Orders

When an asset record is entered into FaciliWorks, its preventative maintenance schedule is included in the record. Based on its meter-based and/or date-based schedule, once the asset is scheduled for maintenance, FaciliWorks sends a notification to specified members of the staff that the asset is due for maintenance. An interactive scheduling calendar makes it easy to balance the workload among the staff and reassign work as needed.

FaciliWorks CMMS software tracks the following preventative maintenance elements to help you become proactive with your maintenance, which reduces equipment breakdowns and extends asset life:

  • Schedule (date-based and/or meter-based)
  • Labor
  • Contracts
  • Parts
  • Tools
  • Variables
  • Procedures (you can even attach photos and any another kinds of documents to these records)
  • Checklists
  • Signatures

Unscheduled work orders are also tracked in FaciliWorks CMMS software and include all of the same elements as preventative maintenance records listed above (aside from schedule, of course).

With FaciliWorks 8i (either onsite server or hosted), a technician can perform the work in the field, update the record on a smartphone or tablet, mark the work as complete and then sign the record, ensuring personnel accountability. The data is updated in real time in FaciliWorks and management can be notified of the completion of the work. Additionally, running detailed reports on scheduled versus unscheduled work on any asset, or running KPIs on mean time between failures can aid in repair/replace decisions.

Service Request - Work Order Cycle

Users in various locations can quickly and easily create and submit service requests over the Internet, eliminating time-consuming phone calls and written requests while providing centralized documentation of every service request and its outcome. This feature is standard in onsite server and hosted FaciliWorks software.

Once a request is submitted, it is automatically routed to FaciliWorks to be viewed by the maintenance manager who can then delete or approve the request and convert it into a work order. FaciliWorks can be configured to send automatic email notifications at each step of the process, informing the original requester and need-to-know personnel of the progress of the request and the maintenance manager can monitor the status of the requests and work orders from the FaciliWorks Dashboard.

Asset Tracking

No matter how many or how few assets you have to track, CMMS software is the only way to keep sufficiently detailed records. An asset can be anything within your business that requires testing, replacement or service at regular intervals based on either elapsed time or actual usage. Assets might be vehicles, machinery, individual components, fixtures or even whole facilities. FaciliWorks tracks general asset information, warranties, service contracts, leases, history, events, costs and authorized persons and you can even use barcoded labels on your assets for quick and error-free identification and data input. For more extensive facilities management, FaciliWorks offers asset grouping, which allows you to partition your shared database by department, location or any other criteria; each group can be seen only by a specifically designated set of users, while management retains full access to all records.


Being proactive about inventory control allows time to find the best prices and assures that parts are not misplaced and unnecessarily reordered. FaciliWorks CMMS includes comprehensive inventory control which allows you to track spare parts inventory and purchase orders, record where parts are used (by work order or asset identification), track cost centers and warehouses and calculate ideal order quantities. Parts call also be more closely tracked by using barcoded labels.

Predictive Maintenance (KPIs)

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are paramount to making the best decisions for your facility. FaciliWorks’ KPI graphs include mean time between failures (MTBF), assets with highest downtime for work orders, assets with the most work orders and on-time versus late PMs and can be filtered by various criteria to specifically suit your needs.


FaciliWorks can incorporate optional calibration management features for those companies that need to streamline the two departments, for a powerful all-in-one solution. These features include but are not limited to gage records management, attributes, parts, history, as-found condition tracking, crib management, calibration requests, scheduled and unscheduled calibrations and calibration certificates.


Many aspects of FaciliWorks are configurable to your preferences: field names, tab names, menu names, program messages and the dashboard (which includes personal report favorites). Being able use the terminology your company prefers reduces the learning curve and gets everyone up to speed quickly. Even the language is configurable to each user; FaciliWorks is available in both English and Spanish and can be adapted to any other language through Google Translate.


It’s imperative that your CMMS software includes comprehensive reporting capabilities for you to get the most out of the software. FaciliWorks includes a large variety of reports that allow you to see comparisons and trends regarding asset downtime, inventory value, maintenance hours required, expended and estimated costs and so much more. Reports can be viewed on-screen, printed or emailed and can be exported to Excel and other formats for advanced ad-hoc reporting. Additionally, each user can save reports as favorites on the dashboard for quick and easy future access.

Validation and Audits

Compliance with governmental and international standards agencies such as ISO, FDA and AS is an important element in industrial, maintenance and manufacturing environments. The FDA’s guidelines for good manufacturing practices, for instance, state that purchasers of vendor-supplied software must perform software validation under normal operating conditions. These FDA requirements apply to industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, ingestible products, etc., depending on the specific product(s) being manufactured.

FaciliWorks CMMS software employs multi-level security and electronic signature features as well as an unchangeable record (audit log) of all user actions. These features are necessary for compliance with certain regulations, but in other cases, they can be used to verify history in the event of insurance claims or accidents.

To assist companies in the validation process (verifying that FaciliWorks functions as designed and that it works under the purchaser’s actual conditions), we offer a validation kit as well as onsite validation services. These services streamline the process, guaranteeing documentation accuracy and minimizing downtime. Our Validation Services expert uses the FaciliWorks 8i Validation Kit to perform the validation at your facility under normal operating conditions and then documents and stores all results within the Kit as preparation for future audits.

I have used FaciliWorks for years.

“I have used FaciliWorks for years. It’s easy yet powerful. FaciliWorks keeps us on top of work orders and preventive maintenance lowering downtime.”


Dave Dunican
Sealy Corporation

The Right Choice For Us.

“FaciliWorks CMMS keeps our facilities running smoothly. It was definitely the right choice for us…”

Mike Haensgen
Rockwell Automation

FaciliWorks CMMS cut costs.

“Maintenance labor costs have been reduced due to reduced equipment failures. FaciliWorks CMMS cut costs. Definitely.”

Dick Niswonger
Bay State Milling