There are many parts that make up the working system of schools and universities. Of these parts, it is of importance to make sure that they are always in good working order. To do this, you must be able to determine and schedule when equipment may need inspection or maintenance so it does not break down later. CMMS software allows for schools and universities to fully automate and computerize their maintenance schedule so that keeping equipment up and running is a no-brainer.

CMMS software is a technology that opens up the ability for schools to schedule and record operation and maintenance activities. The CMMS software generates and prioritizes work orders so that staff can quickly respond in the case that a piece of equipment in the facility fails. CMMS software also plans preventative maintenance so the likelihood of equipment failure drops drastically. According to recent studies, the tools that CMMS software brings to the table such as using the right preventive maintenance measures instead of reacting to when things go wrong can have a return to profit of up to 545 percent.

Here are some ways that CMMS software makes schools and universities run much more smoothly:

  • CMMS software makes the work order life cycle automatic. This means that departments will become more efficient because officials will be alerted any time a piece of equipment fails or when maintenance is required.
  • CMMS software improves communication and collaboration. The software connects each member of the system so that everyone remains on the same page.
  • CMMS software allows for preventative maintenance. By planning ahead and keeping equipment in good working order, later problems are avoided. As stated many times, CMMS software will save a school lots of money.
  • CMMS software monitors equipment performance. Proper CMMS software will provide an easy-to-read interface displaying each scheduled maintenance and the current status of all equipment.
  • CMMS software makes the maintenance department more productive.
  • CMMS software sees everything and nothing falls through the cracks, so that each issue is solved in a timely and productive manner.
  • CMMS software keeps track of assets and improves asset life. Simply, by staying on top of the status of assets by using CMMS software, a school or university can increase the expected time of use that equipment will last.

With the huge benefits of CMMS software, it is obvious to any school or university that it’s a useful and necessary tool. Make the right choice and look into bringing FaciliWorks CMMS software to your school.


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