CMMS software is not one of those sexy buzzwords, although in some people’s opinions, it should be because of the value it can add to the inner workings of an enterprise. Some people are scared away by the big capital letters that make up CMMS software, but when you break it down, it becomes much easier.


CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System, and its function is built from that. At its core, CMMS software opens up the ability for a company to efficiently and productively plan and schedule preventative maintenance for their equipment. Preventative maintenance has been shown, time and time again, by study after study, to make businesses run far more smoothly.


Preventative maintenance means that a company is maintaining their equipment on a logical and timely schedule instead of waiting until things break down to fix them. Reacting to problems is grossly unproductive and CMMS software can save companies a huge amount of money simply by streamlining the maintenance system.


What this means is that the CMMS software provides an easy-to-read display that shows the status of all of a company’s assets and the schedules of when they will be worked on next. CMMS software is useful for management because it provides a one stop shop to gather all the data they may need on their equipment. Likewise, CMMS software is beneficial to the workforce because it connects them together to allow greater collaboration.


Technology like CMMS software is necessary for a business or organization to run smoothly. Without it, workers may stumble over each other trying to solve problems. In some cases, two workers may be sent out to fix the same piece of equipment which would cut productivity in half!


CMMS software is advanced enough to allow businesses to achieve maximum potential and efficiency. Some software bundles that are marketed to business such as EAMs (Enterprise Asset Management) systems often come with more than you bargained for and end up being a poor choice. With CMMS software, you know exactly what you are getting and you know exactly how it will save you money.


In a nutshell:


  • CMMS software saves you money by eliminating inefficiency between workers.
  • Preventative maintenance is made much easier with CMMS software.
  • CMMS software will keep your equipment running better and longer.


Stop spending money where you shouldn’t be and invest in a CMMS software – and consider a FaciliWorks free trial. Although CMMS software may seem a bit confusing at first for some, it actually makes a lot of sense.



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