Your maintenance management software is an essential part of your company. This is why you have to choose the best one that suits your pocket and your needs as well. The prices of CMMS software vary depending on its features and the service they cover. Depending on the brand you choose it would usually cost within the range of $30K to $50K.

For bigger companies with complex operations, maintenance process entails lots of work and time. Choosing the right CMMS software can help lessen this burden and make the process faster and easier for the maintenance team. This includes processes such as tracking data, recording, and data management.

What is the Average CMMS Software Price?

If you are on a limited budget or you simply want to get the best service for the price you pay, the best way to do it is by comparing different products. You can start by doing your research online. There are lots of websites that provide a simple comparison of prices of various CMMS software. Another, if you already have prospects, probably two or three products and you cannot choose between them, you can call their customer representative and ask for quotes.

Sometimes cheaper products are not always the best one. It can indeed save you money, but you should also consider the quality and the services it covers. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on the perfect system. So, aside from comparing the prices of the software, you should also look into the features of the product. Here’s what you should look for in quality CMMS software:

  • It should be able to address the maintenance department’s needs and the applicant for the particular industry of your company.
  • It should include an automated reporting system as it is one of the most important maintenance procedures for every company.
  • Choose maintenance management software that offers ease of access and requires less time to fully learn the system. There are also programs that can be accessed on different devices and include mobiles apps.
  • It should also have the capacity to integrate with other management systems.
  • Also, consider choosing a CMMS from a software vendor that can provide support in case of issues with the system and they should be able to handle it effectively.

To give you an idea, these are the costs of CMMS software:

  1. Typical software for small business -$1,800 to $10,000
  2. Typical software for medium scale business- $10,000 to $50,000
  3. Packaged CMMS Software costs an average of $700 – $900
  4. Cost of hosted CMMS – $45 -$125 monthly

Final Thoughts

Finding the right software for your company can be a daunting task. Conducting enough research will give you an overview of the budget you have to prepare for a maintenance management software. It is always best to choose a product depending on your maintenance needs. You definitely do not want to purchase a software with features that you will not use in your business.