Computerized Maintenance Management System or CMMS software is an essential tool that many large companies utilize to be more efficient and productive. Generally, businesses use CMMS for keeping a record of maintenance and asset management.

CMMS Software Keeps Track of Work Orders

Maintenance managers can simply look into the system for scheduled maintenance work. From here, maintenance managers can simply select the equipment and describe what needs repairing then assign this task to a point person handling the repairs. The technician then does the work and simply marks it as ‘complete’ once repairs are done.

Task Scheduling

Preventive maintenance module keeps the team working on the schedule. CMMS software schedules recurring work and keep reminders for key people to work on certain assignments. Organized tasks keep the team working efficiently and in a timely manner.

Work Requests

There might be times where the maintenance team has to work outside the company. By this, a CMMS software sends through the request and keeps track of completion of these requests.

Asset History

Maintenance workers may have to keep tab of accumulated equipment that has been in the company for 10 to 30 years old. These machines would have accumulated a long history of repairs that a Computerized Maintenance Management System keeps a record of. Should a problem crop up, the CMMS software simply states when it was repaired and how it was repaired. This way, the maintenance team would be more efficient in handling similar problems needed for asset management.

Inventory Management

This is particularly true for companies that store large amounts of inventory. Instead of hiring more staff to keep track of this, a CMMS software can easily keep tab of what went in and what went out. This would particularly work for companies that have spare parts, machines and other supplies like oil. The facility manager can easily see what inventories need to be stocked up in a timely manner and reduce the cost of overstocking.

Audit and Certification

This is beneficial for insurance claims for accidents. Since the management team would be able to keep track of maintenance and inspection, CMMS provides a legitimate history that will help inspectors check for completed maintenance that’s up to par with workplace safety standards. Centralized system also ensures that it captures only one ‘truth’ needed for ISO qualifications.

Two Ways to Install CMMS: Cloud-Based Or Company Computer.

Companies running their own Computer Maintenance Management System (on-premises CMMS software) have full control of access, network, and data privacy. However, this type of CMMS is costly and will require skills to operate. Furthermore, you may need IT back-up to keep the servers updated and running efficiently.

  • Cloud-based CMMS providers give a hosting site and security which are not present with on-premises CMMS. It is more mobile where facility managers can look into it anywhere and anytime. It’s also updated so you don’t have to worry about it lagging or being outdated with other platforms (e.g. smartphone compatibility).
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System helps you run your business effectively with momentum. Automatic various steps with this tool can help increase productivity to help boost your company to succeed.