Maintenance is important for every company. It helps extend the life of equipment and machines. Having a computerized maintenance management system makes maintenance easy. It is beneficial for the company, its staff and the maintenance team. CMMS is a support program that facilitates the maintenance operations of the company. The better the maintenance program, the more efficient the company will be. This will also save a large amount of time and effort by automating maintenance functions.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and Preventive Maintenance

This type of maintenance aims to detect and fix issues with the equipment. This prevents worst-case scenarios like the cessation of production due to maintenance. This aims to avoid downtime and keeps the equipment functioning.

Preventive maintenance involves a series of activities such as scheduling of tasks, assigning of personnel or point person, tracking, data collection and reporting. CMMS programs are used in functions such as:

  • Generation of the work order
  • Setting priorities
  • Tracking of maintenance activities
  • Updated and real-time reports
  • Cost tracking
  • Material and parts inventory

With less paperwork and automated tracking, CMMS reduces chances of error and increases productivity. With a better inventory system, items that are to be out of stock can be replaced immediately, thus reducing shortages. Using a Computerized Maintenance Management System effectively can improve the maintenance program of the company overall. This may also prevent problems that might cause losses of significant amounts of money.

Less Effort and Increased Efficiency with CMMS

Traditional maintenance systems are paper-based. This type of system is subject to a lot of limitations and error. Some things that can cause problems are unclear handwriting on labels and documents being lost under a pile of papers. Automating the maintenance activity of the company will not only save time but also effort on the part of staff and personnel involved. Lost papers can cause delays. This might also mean repeating of work that could have been finished days before. Data such as dates and names can also be tampered with since papers are not protected by passwords.

CMMS software helps save energy usage. Energy usage can be monitored by using CMMS and an energy control system. The data collected can serve as the baseline for programs, helping to make maintenance activities better aimed at energy conservation. A good example of saving energy is detecting problems such as overheating. The CMMS can trigger maintenance checks of the equipment if it is overheating. These will avoid worsening of the problem and breakdown of equipment. Another is monitoring of the HVAC efficiency. Without the CMMS, the filters are replaced regularly at a specific time, regardless of their condition. With the use of a computerized maintenance system, it can trigger an order to change the filters when necessary. This saves time, money and effort on the part of the maintenance team.

Having a computerized maintenance management system reduces the cost of maintenance and avoids downtime. Talking to an expert will help answer your questions on having a CMMS program as part of your company maintenance strategy.