It’s Monday morning, and you wake up to the emergency call of your colleague that said that there is a broken packaging machine in your warehouse. You blinked the grogginess out in you until finally, your hop from the bed beat the sound of the alarm clock that just went screaming when you realized that your number one client needs one hundred boxes of your best products to be delivered today. You rushed a bath and did not even say goodbye to Rufus the Labrador because you raced your car towards the warehouse to check if there are available packaging machines but chaos welcomed you with an evil smile, when you realize most of the packaging machines had taken down at the same time and you remembered neglecting a call from inventory asking if there are still enough packaging machines.

Sooner in the pandemonium, your boss came with knitted eyebrows and a deadly stare like a monster from The Terminator saying that if you did not fix the problem, the company’s productivity will fall like a hard brick from a building’s rooftop. You stood there, frozen and hopeless wishing the earth below would swallow you and thinking in advance about where you will get Rufus the Labrador’s food for the next weeks, months, and years…

Even if you do not picture yourself in the scenario, I know every one of us had been in the same position, little or big. These situations often root from the lack of management and maintenance to the company’s assets. The task sounds like a hard responsibility, no one will argue, most especially with unexpected twists and turns of events. But with the increasing innovation of technology nowadays, this torture can absolutely be prevented with the help of CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

Faciliworks CMMS is a work order and preventive maintenance software designed for the way you work. It is a developed web-based CMMS committed to helping your company in reducing maintenance costs and assuring complete data and information. There are various reasons why you should begin your partnership with Faciliworks for CMMS. Here are just some of the few:

Manage Your Assets in Details

Going back to the opening story, assets are very vital in a company’s progress. Without assets, a company will have a hard time moving forward towards its purpose. Faciliworks, as a software who uses computerized data management, is dedicated in making sure that your company’s asset is always working correctly in peak operating conditions. As a result of properly working assets, the company’s productivity will continuously increase in a stable manner, countering any accidental problem along the way.

In addition, Faciliworks will take note of your assets’ warranties, assessment of spare part conditions, as well as overseeing service and warranty contracts. With this, unplanned downtime and demand maintenance are reduced, calling for work efficiency through better staffing.

Take Actions Before They Take You

One of the benefits of CMMS is preventive maintenance and Faciliworks is always in the rescue when it comes to giving you the power to take control of maintenance functions. As a result, you will also have the freedom to move maintenance activities out of crisis mode and into planning for a more effective product.

Faciliworks value proactivity. It can detect unnecessary task assignments and schedules with inaccurate parts and labors. By partnering with Faciliworks to do the work of eliminating these loopholes, the overall performance of the maintenance department will increase rapidly.

Save Operating Costs

Connected to the previous benefit of using Faciliworks CMMS, spontaneous costs due to accidents in the maintenance of assets will be prevented if tracking of the records is kept. Repairs are also lowered when it comes to the cost because of mainly lowering the maintenance department costs by improving the efficiency of routine tasks. Therefore, preventive maintenance which is one of Faciliworks’ top priority is a helpful practice that will ensure the company’s expected lifespan to detect impaired functionalities from gathered data.

Keep Your Company Legally Secured

Faciliworks’ responsibility does not stop from making your business perform the best amongst the rest. It also protects you against any lawsuits or potential risks. We are here to inform you if maintenance is required for specific equipment and we will keep on alerting you until the work is done and will preserve records proving that the maintenance needed has been done accordingly.

Running a company is never an easy job. Preventive maintenance, inventory control, and asset management are just some of the few responsibilities that everyone needs to be aware of to reduce any downtime and prevent any costly repairs. But with Faciliworks, you have signed a contract with a business partner that will always be there for you towards your success every step of the way.

A virtual shake hand for formality, and let us do the rest for you.