FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS Software Version 8.7.004

Thank you for choosing FaciliWorks 8i Web-based CMMS Software.

During installation, you will be prompted for both a Serial Number and an Install Code; if you have purchased the software, these numbers are either provided by your sales representative or can be found within your product packaging. If you are using the software as a free 30-day trial, leave these fields blank and simply continue with installation. If you have any issues installing your software, please contact us.

1. FaciliWorks 8i 8.7.004 Software Download

Download the installation files below. During installation, you will be prompted for an Extraction Code; if you do not have an Extraction Code, please contact your sales representative.

2. Installation Update

If you are updating from a previous build of FaciliWorks, you will need to run the patch file. Please see the corresponding chapter in the Installation Guide. If you are updating from a build earlier than 8.6.026, please contact Tech Support.

3. User Guides

FaciliWorks includes a Help System that is accessible from within the software; that same instructional content is also available in PDF format below. The Learning Resources and Support PDF file provides instructions for accessing the Help System.

4. Product Registration

A product key is required to register your FaciliWorks license. If you are updating from a previous installation, FaciliWorks will already be registered. If this is a new installation and a product key has not been provided, please contact Tech Support to retrieve your product key. For trial installations, you will need to contact your sales representative for next steps.