Can my data be imported into a CMMS?


When upgrading to FaciliWorks from another software application, data can usually be imported directly into FaciliWorks with little or no preparation; if records were previously kept only by hand, that data will need to be manually entered into FaciliWorks.

From data collection and organization to migration and verification, we will work with you every step of the way to ensure the integrity of your data and minimize transitional downtime.

I have used FaciliWorks for years.

“I have used FaciliWorks for years. It’s easy yet powerful. FaciliWorks keeps us on top of work orders and preventive maintenance lowering downtime.”


Dave Dunican
Sealy Corporation

The Right Choice For Us.

“FaciliWorks CMMS keeps our facilities running smoothly. It was definitely the right choice for us…”

Mike Haensgen
Rockwell Automation

FaciliWorks CMMS cut costs.

“Maintenance labor costs have been reduced due to reduced equipment failures. FaciliWorks CMMS cut costs. Definitely.”

Dick Niswonger
Bay State Milling