FaciliWorks CMMS FAQ

What is CMMS Software?


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CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. Maintenance and facilities professionals use CMMS software to maintain detailed preventative and corrective maintenance records on all equipment and other assets in their purview. CMMS has many other names. These terms are basically synonymous, though the feature sets of these software solutions can vary.

  • Equipment management software
  • Work order software
  • Preventative maintenance software
  • Maintenance management software
  • Facilities management software
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software


FaciliWorks CMMS tracks all elements of maintenance. It tracks PM schedules, service requests, corrective maintenance, predictive maintenance, spare parts inventory, tools, personnel, procedures and more. FaciliWorks can even include calibration management for the sake of streamlining operations. As a result, you only need to validate only one piece of software instead of two. This is a major benefit for those companies that must comply with various industry standards.

Because using CMMS software ensures that no asset will be forgotten, the result is greater asset uptime, longer asset life, minimized costs and maximized productivity.