One of the most crucial responsibilities that a person could get is ensuring that equipment and facilities are properly maintained, and this is the main obligation of a maintenance manager. There are a lot of processes that need to be done and managed all at once such as the organizations of many maintenances works to keep track of, but with the help of CMMS program or computerized maintenance management software, a maintenance manager’s job could be easy. A powerful CMMS features tools that organize maintenance operations, track conflicts and determine the opportunities for improvement.

The key to successful maintenance management is proper organization, and CMMS software has been introduced to help you stay organized by keeping track and record of all your assets, such as spare parts and machinery. This robust software stores a lot of information about each asset, including information about vendors and manufacturers, warranties, and life expectancy. The days of sticking with a spreadsheet, post-it notes, and your own memory to keep track of your maintenance program are already buried in ancient history as soon as CMMS has been introduced. Days for hardships about maintenance management are already gone.

At first, CMMS could be hard to understand, that is why this article will focus on five important features that the users of CMMS would need to know.


Provide maintenance technicians easy and quick access to work orders

Maintenance technicians are always on the move, that is why it can be challenging to keep them up to date about work orders that have been assigned to them. With the use of a web-based CMMS software system, maintenance technicians can have access to it anytime via a desktop computer or even a mobile app. A mobile option makes it possible for maintenance technicians to access work orders and information about assets and inventory via any mobile device. In addition, using a web-based system or mobile add-on can give maintenance technicians the ability to close work orders from a desktop computer or mobile device. With these advantages, the maintenance manager’s job becomes a lot easier because he or she doesn’t have to chase after technicians to see if they’ve completed work orders. Moreover, having an easy way to update the status of work orders frees maintenance technicians up to spend more time on maintenance work.


Track work orders effectively and efficiently

Work order tracking capability is one of the best features of computerized maintenance management software. A maintenance manager can easily monitor their progress every step of the way by issuing and tracking work orders in a maintenance management system. If something goes wrong or if an accident happened, maintenance managers can go back and determine who was responsible and what are the solutions that have been taken to resolve the problem.


Share information with the upper management

By using CMMS reporting module that contains information, history, and statistics,  another great feature of the software, you can make it easier for the upper management to keep track of maintenance operations. It will be a lot more convenient to share important statistics that the upper management will want to keep track of including machine downtime, pending work orders, planned/preventive maintenance, and more. These reports will help the management team understand the state of your maintenance program and determine which areas need improvement.


Generate equipment breakdown reports

Most of the time, an organization’s maintenance problems and emergencies are caused by a little subset of equipment. Maintenance managers can easily identify types of equipment with problems and replace it by accessing equipment breakdown reports and viewing historical records of equipment issues. This is a very important factor in the success of a company for it will help reduce equipment breakdown and enable your organization to save time and money.


Save Operating Costs

Connected to the previous benefit of using CMMS, spontaneous costs due to accidents in the maintenance of assets will be prevented if tracking of the records is kept. Repairs are also lowered when it comes to the cost because of mainly lowering the maintenance department costs by improving the efficiency of routine tasks. Therefore, preventive maintenance which is one of Faciliworks’ top priority is a helpful practice that will ensure the company’s expected life span to detect impaired functionalities from gathered data.

We are already living in a world where advancements and innovations happen very frequently and positive changes can occur even in a single day. It will depend on our own practicality to use these advantages to make our works and job easier and to expand the benefits of these strategies and techniques. It is not the time to settle with traditional processes we are familiarized with, the resources are already available to us and all we have to do is select which will be the best partner that could help us with managing the maintenance in the field of work.