Dealing with hundreds or most of the time thousands of work orders frequently is absolutely a headache.I bet you know what I mean and we know it too! Thank heavens there’s Computerized Maintenance Management System to save the day!

Agricultural, maintenance and manufacturing agencies stand to benefit the most from CMMS mobile apps. In fact, facilities and maintenance reap the most rewards from this excellent application. As the industry is growing, with a market size that’s increasing exponentially annually of almost 15% from 2016 to 2021, the maintenance team will need the perfect technology to stay competitive in the industry. And a CMMS mobile app can fill in that role.

To manage all requests simultaneously from a various vendor seems impossible, but the leap from paperwork orders to a mobile CMMS app builds an efficient way of third-party handling requests. Also, the ability to immediately report issues on the go, setting up preventive maintenance and being able to communicate real-time positively impacts productivity for the facility sector.

We’ll be talking more about how the mobile CMMS apps increase productivity and is beneficial for the facility teams.

Lesser Potential for Error, More Room for Success

In the maintenance field, who wouldn’t want to have a more manageable workload and reduce a step in the workflow process?

A CMMS mobile app not only enables the technician and the team members to input date while working on the job but can also do it from anywhere on any available device. Having the luxury to check assigned work orders using smartphones and computers makes it very simple to streamline the process and track efficiency. The facility team greatly benefits from this convenience since recording and inputting fundamental data is made very accessible in comparison to paper-based tracking or even non-mobile digital solutions.

The CCMS mobile app is the ultimate savior of facility teams as it promises a more precise task completion, less mess and confusion, less room for mistakes and most importantly less time wasted. The ability to instantly share a work order request among the technicians and the field can eradicate the hassle of physically waiting on the area. Besides, being able to utilize the feature of assigning an urgent task or placing task urgency allows a smooth prioritization of job orders. With the mobile CMMS, the technician has a visual of their assigned responsibility for the day, and this allows them to move swiftly with urgency, increasing their productivity.

Let Your Smartphone Be Your Main Tool

A mobile CMMS acts as the central management system for the facility team. With the help of a cloud-based system, the data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. The fact that the team can have accessibility to extensive statistics and graphs coming from the very same data provided; helps them to keep a track and visualize their performance and progress is truly beneficial for a team on the go. Work order management has been the core basis of a CMMS mobile app, and it also enables customizations of form items and templates. Other than this, the mobile CMMS app takes advantage of smartphones powerful hardware that makes a complicated task a walk in a park.

Imagine being able to take your phone and just snap a picture of the issue that you are reporting, could be a missing part, broken component or some huge repair that needs to be done- everything can be recorded and uploaded at the same time. Being able to collaborate with tech’s in clear visuals, sounds and actual footage weighs in getting expert feedback or advise instantly.

With the help of smartphones and cmms mobile app’s advanced feature, you can also scan barcodes of repair parts and get push notifications, making life that little bit easier.

Communication made even better with On-The-Go Messaging

Communication is essential in every facility groups and installing mobile CMMS app is the best method to enhance communication within the facility team, and that’s because of the in-app messaging system. It allows field technicians to communicate with their fellow tech’s seamlessly as if they are just on a regular facebook messenger. This feature stimulates a lighter work environment. Instant messaging mitigates communication barriers that can be caused by distributed environmental factors, not only that it offers rapid communication, but it keeps a more natural form to relay information since we’re already on our phones.  

The team’s ability to view and update the status and progress of work orders, like being on hold, in progress, open or completed allows a quick and clear visual confirmation. The technicians can also communicate with one another about their inventory status, tools availability, possibility of exchanging parts or any other requests that can save time and minimize potential costs.

Final Thoughts

Going mobile in maintenance also means streamlining the team’s communication and efficiency on site and the field all from the powerful devices we carry in our pockets- mobile. It makes the most features like work order management, extensive inventory management, customizing items to increase the team’s efficiency and productivity further.

Plus, who thought of going mobile can save the earth too? It reduces the number of papers being used daily, saving money in the long run and also helps the planet survive.