In a world where accidents can take place anytime in a company’s field of work, maintenance management is a key player to resolve this concern. Of course, accidents regardless of their weight can have an impact on the success of the business for it might affect the bigger picture of achievement. As a call to resolve this specific concern, a tool to vastly cover solutions has been introduced in the most convenient form, making the lives of all technicians a lot easier and more productive.

CMMS, a famous abbreviation for a computerized maintenance management system, is a software that has been developed with features that handle not just maintenance works as a whole but also additional activities that are connected to maintenance and are vital to keeping the goal of the company on track. In a very helpful statistical infographic that has been published by Limble in 2017, 34% of facilities are spending over 30 hours per week on scheduled maintenance while of this percentage, 87% outsource at least one part of their maintenance operation due to the top three reasons which are lack of time or manpower, too many specialized skills requirements, and current personnel that lack skills to resolve maintenance issues.

But what if I tell you that based on the three reasons stated above that trigger obtaining of service from an outside supplier, CMMS is the only answer to lessen company outsourcing due to maintenance issues? Quite difficult to think of yet very interesting, isn’t it? Especially given the fact that two of the reasons for outsourcing stated above are already rooted in the capability or knowledge of personnel or maintenance technicians. But CMMS is actually not just a tool for maintenance but also an educator. Since it is a software, it covers a lot of features that might be complicated to comprehend at first but everything will make sense after some time for it is made to be user-friendly.

CMMS might be hard to understand at first, but all you need is a little bit of patience because if using this software has already been practiced, its benefits could range in a powerful way, helping not just your responsibilities as maintenance technician but also the company as a whole. Here are the reasons why:


It reduces downtime

The first reason why outsourcing due to maintenance issues happen is because of the lack of time or manpower. With the use of CMMS, this is actually resolvable in an easy way and can be avoided because of the software’s feature of reducing downtime. How does it happen? Well, the computerized maintenance management system has its own tool of keeping work orders and equipment history data such as types of repairs, frequency of repairs, and failure causes. This type of information is actually very helpful in identifying trends, eliminating failures, and improving equipment reliability, which casually results in reduced downtime. If a company lessens down times, there are more opportunities to finish tasks in a timely manner and in a way that adheres with the schedule. Not only that jobs get finished right away but accidental costs could be avoided since the works are being followed in the right way.


Improves technician skills and productivity

Following the first reason stated above, some outsourcing happens due to the lack of knowledge and experience by the personnel working in the company. While it is true that it is inevitable to encounter certain issues that need specialization from other agencies, almost everything that is maintenance-related is resolvable through CMMS. Computerized maintenance management system in the form of a user-friendly and easy to access software provides requisite systems, tools, and procedures to establish a more effective maintenance planning and more efficient scheduling function. These are key contributors to a well-developed labor utilization and customer service. As I have mentioned above, CMMS also is a tool that gives first-hand knowledge through instructions and solutions that most technicians could deal with for extra experience and learning in resolving issues about maintenance management.


Helps in gaining maintenance intelligence

Finally, to resolve the third and the last reason why company outsourcing takes place, CMMS has been presented as an innovation in the field of maintenance management in the way that it also mentors technicians in gaining maintenance intelligence. Through the use of CMMS, maintenance technicians will be able to add, modify, and track in-depth information about work completed, materials used, the performance of assets, equipment manufacturer details and more using work order and asset management.

It is normal for a company to experience malfunctions and outsourcing once in a while, but I do not see the reason as to why we need to settle with that when we can absolutely avoid it through the use of practicality and practicing computerized maintenance management system or CMMS.