Here is a question for those of you who are still using another CMMS software or who may not have the latest in CMMS from FaciliWorks: How do you know that your systems are firing on all cylinders? The same way you would know if anything else in your production lineup was amiss – you give it a test. When it comes to your existing or outdated CMMS software, it can be a bit tricky to test. You don’t want to mess up the system in place by touching the wrong button, but you don’t want to leave it alone if something, in fact, is wrong with it. Here’s what to do:

Devise Your Plan

When you go through your CMMS software, you need to know where everything is located – not just the functions that you use. This is going to allow you to know where any problems may be hiding. If you’re only utilizing the most minimalist design of a CMMS software, don’t worry – it just means it’s going to take you less time than fiddling with another system.

Go through your day-to-day operations and check all the areas that you’re going to be using on a daily basis. This tedious task can take up a bit of time, but if something goes wrong because you didn’t check it out, you’ll be spending a whole lot more time cleaning up that mess.

Are Your Vendors Right?

One of the biggest issues you may find yourself with in CMMS software is a simple vendor mix-up. You originally get your CMMS so you can avoid any further issues, cut down on time, costs and overall payroll, but you can’t do all of that if your entire system is messed up. Make sure your vendors are in the right place. A wrong reference ID number can send your entire business into chaos. Go through your printed reports and match your vendor ID numbers to the respective company.

Monthly CMMS Audit

It’s a good idea to handle these issues before they arise. Get in the habit of performing a monthly audit on your CMMS software to ensure that everything is going alright. You don’t want an issue to persist for months (sometimes, the vendors can be airheads) and not realize it until it’s too late. It’ll take days or even weeks of sorting it all out. Take the proactive approach: test your CMMS to save your own skin. You may want to consider upgrading or changing your CMMS to FaciliWorks CMMS Software. Contact us today for a free web demo!


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