Let’s address the elephant in the room – invoicing. It’s a pain, nobody wants to do it, but it’s on the heels of what makes the world go ‘round – money. Your vendors are like extended family to your business, and as such, you need to ensure that they are properly taken care of, so that they can properly take care of you and your business. The world keeps on spinning.

Vendor Management

Post-it notes and address books are a thing of the past. Having all of your contacts integrated into your CMMS software is a breeze, but more than that, when you look through your inventory, and you know that you need to order parts X, Y and Z, you’ll have the proper linked information right at the tip of your fingers. Depending on what category you put that inventory item under, you’ll have vendor options for replacements without having to remember who’s who, and what number to call. Your time is valuable – treat it that way and automate the process a little bit.

Record Keeping and Invoices

Those tearaway yellow or pink pages are going to get lost, smudged, wrecked or ruined at some point, even if you’re an avid filer. You never have to worry about that again. When you use CMMS software, you’ll be able to either request digital invoice receipts, which just about everyone is doing nowadays, or utilize a document scanner to upload the invoices to your CMMS software and have direct access to an archived log of invoices and work. Say goodbye to the filing cabinet.

Report Creation

Instead of digging through those pink and yellow slips, you’ll be able to build reports in ten seconds flat and determine what your annual spending is on one specific vendor. You don’t need a pencil and a calculator, just to go through a hundred different pieces of paper come audit time. Just input what you want the report to produce and you’ll have answers in no time at all.

Build Vendor Profiles

We can’t all remember the quality of service on vendors that aren’t in our businesses on a regular basis. How can you remember if one of those vendors you worked with in the past is actually good, or if you had a bad experience with them? You use your CMMS software. Rate the vendors and leave comments or full-fledged reports for later review. It could save you money and a headache here and there.

The biggest thing to keep in mind when trying to select the best CMMS software for you comes down to user friendliness and functionality. If you can’t properly navigate your new software, then what good is it to you? Find the right software today and save dozens and dozens of hours of time, starting immediately.


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