The transportability and compactness are among the biggest advantages of a mobile CMMS system. With the advent of technology, workers with tablets or smartphones can access vital maintenance information at the tip of their fingers. There is no need for them to go to a personal computer to find it. Nowadays, countless facilities have accepted the handiness and power of a mobile CMMS system.

While many claims that this type of maintenance-management system provides significant benefits in terms of accuracy and efficiency, is it really effective and convenient? However, before capitalizing on the resources and time required to get the system running, officers need to consider if the functionality and technology best fit their needs. But what is mobile CMMS and what are the factors that one need to consider before getting the technology.

What is CMMS?

The term CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System. It is also most often referred to as Enterprise Asset Management or EAM. It is a computer software intended to make maintenance management more simple. It aids the maintenance team store data of all assets. It also schedules and tracks tasks that need to be done by the maintenance. Moreover, it keeps historical data on the work that they perform.

Factors to consider

One of the best advantages that a mobile CMMS could offer is its portability. Personnel can access crucial data using their smartphones. However, if the facility does not really require its workers to browse inventory, assets, or work orders while on the floor, then a mobile version may not be really needed. In addition, a mobile CMMS system can create and close work orders. This is very helpful in instances where an important machine goes down. With the mobile software, the technicians will be able to view the work request on their own mobile devices, thus cutting the overall downtime of the machine.

Since the app is in the personnel’s smartphones or tablets, reports can be viewed on a regular basis. Mobile CMMS also offers invaluable participation when it comes to attachments. Personnel can attach pictures, manuals, and other important data essential to the operation and function of the workers. Aside from those, the mobile app is also very useful when paired with barcodes. Instead of using a barcode scanner, a smartphone or tablet with a CMMS app can do the job. This could help make the management of inventory a lot easier and provide more convenience.

Another function of mobile CMMS is the vendor screen. With this, users can access the vendor’s contact number and link with the supplier even if they are still on the floor. This reduces the errors and provides efficiency since personnel can start the purchasing process while in front of a machine that needs a new part.

If one of those factors enumerated is essential in your operation, then integrating a mobile CMMS is a good choice. For those looking for a reliable mobile CMMS, Faciliworks is the IT solution that you need. The team proces to help their clients every step of the way. Their software is standards compliant, not module-based and offers multiple deployment systems. The company’s mobile CMMS has a streamlined interface that is very user-friendly. It also provides maximum efficiency without the hassle of paperwork.