FaciliWorks CMMS Software

FaciliWorks CMMS (computerized maintenance management software) is work order and preventative maintenance software designed for the way you work. FaciliWorks CMMS is not only powerful, but easy to use and affordably priced.

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Deployment Options

FaciliWorks CMMS is all about choices. FaciliWorks Web-based CMMS software is offered as a hosted service (cloud CMMS) or it can be deployed on your own local server; both options offer access from mobile devices. Additionally, FaciliWorks CMMS is also available as a simple PC desktop installation. Whether used at a single location or across multiple facilities and whether used by management, engineers or technicians, FaciliWorks CMMS software can be scaled to fit your needs and your budget. Backed by our 30-day guarantee and our talented team of experts, FaciliWorks CMMS software will keep your company operating smoothly and efficiently.

Hosted (Cloud)

When you opt for hosted service, the FaciliWorks CMMS software and your database reside on our servers. We take care of everything behind the scenes and you access the software seamlessly through a Web browser.

Onsite Server

With onsite server deployment, FaciliWorks CMMS software is installed locally on your own SQL / IIS server. Your IT team will be in charge of installation and upkeep of the software, but we’re always here to help.


Access FaciliWorks CMMS through a mobile-friendly interface and update PM and Work Order records as the work is being performed.


FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS software is installed directly on a PC and is designed to grow with your organization, from a single user on one computer to several users on a network (LAN).

more options

FaciliWorks CMMS Product Options

Further streamline your workflow, improve productivity and reduce costs with any or all of these additional FaciliWorks products.

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Streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate.

With the smart filters, simplified menus and data summaries in FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS, the technician can filter for records by pertinent criteria and access all of the necessary associated task, labor, part, tool, contractor, procedure and checklist details and even create work orders on the fly. The mobile interface only provides access to the information techs need – nothing more – so there’s no extraneous data to slow them down.

Reviews and Testimonials

This software helps us a lot with PM. We pass audit of Coca Cola and ISO 9001.

Giovanni Leo,

Chief Engineer

“My experience with Faciliworks has been fantastic! Great program!”

David McMurdock

IT Support Specialist

“Excellent product that simplifies my property management and maintenance.”

Chris Morris


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