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Get the most out of your investment.

Our software solutions are dynamic, market-driven products under continuous development, so in order to get the most out of your investment, it’s essential to keep your maintenance agreement (MA) up to date. The FaciliWorks MA includes the following benefits for one or two years, depending on your preference:

Support and Assistance: Access to our Technical Support team via phone, email, online support portal and live remote sessions during regular business hours, excluding national holidays. This includes up to 10 years of mainstream product support from the version release date (with 5 additional years of extended support). Please note that extended support is on a best-effort basis and may not include regular software updates for any software products nearing end of life.

Program and Documentation Updates: In-version program updates include program corrections (to errors caused by early-stage errors related to program development and late-stage errors related to higher volume of processing or software modification) and enhancements and modifications (which improve the capabilities and functions of the program). These updates will be provided as they apply within the current version and in accordance with the license agreement. Updates will be available for download; however, if unable to download, updates can be delivered via standard U.S. Mail upon request. Documentation updates are included with program updates, when applicable.

Discounts: Discounts on major software upgrades and discounts on other FaciliWorks-related products.


To renew, please complete the MA Renewal Form or contact your representative below.

Please note that MA renewals are specific to on-prem deployments. MA renewal does not apply to hosted software.

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