CMMS software is a necessity for any business that needs to make use of maintenance management in order to cut costs and keep their equipment working. Today, smartphones and tablets are making the world a mobile place connected by Wi-Fi and no longer weighed down by large desktops and computer terminals. CMMS software is now developed for mobile applications for use in maintenance management though challenges sometimes persist.

One major challenge facing CMMS software that wishes to take maintenance management mobile is Wi-Fi. Sometimes, companies that most need maintenance management have Wi-Fi dead spots where the equipment may be located or stored. Without a connection to the internet CMMS software will have trouble accessing databases of information or updating the status of assets. Maintenance management can still be performed without a solid connection to Wi-Fi by using a device’s 4G or local connection, but it becomes much harder for the CMMS software to communicate in real time. For this reason Wi-Fi is a challenge CMMS software must overcome.

Another challenge facing CMMS software being adopted onto mobile devices is the device itself. Mobile CMMS software is most useful for maintenance management when the worker can use the device seamlessly with already existing desktop applications. Instead of trying to replace desktop application entirely, CMMS software must include a way to move from mobile device to pre-existing application without trouble. By transferring from one mode of access to another, maintenance management becomes more efficient. Contact us at FaciliWorks and we will show you how our software addresses many of these issues where many other companies do not.

Yet another challenge facing maintenance management and CMMS software on mobile is that of widespread adoption. Many people may not know how to properly use the mobile devices that the CMMS software is built for and maintenance management can not be carried out unless the data is clear. Some ways to avoid this issue is by having CMMS software being able to be installed on the mobile device that the maintenance management worker already owns. Overall the goal of making CMMS software available on mobile devices is to make maintenance management easier, not more complicated. FaciliWorks staff will assist you in training your team on how to use our software effectively.

Lastly, the CMMS software on mobile must be easy to use and users must be comfortable using the mobile device application for their work in maintenance management. CMMS software is useless if the people who use it everyday do not understand how to work the application or interface. Maintenance management can only be made simpler by a CMMS software application that is straightforward and easy to learn such as FaciliWorks.

Although a few challenges face CMMS software as it paves the way onto mobile, there is no doubt that the maintenance management benefits from the CMMS software are well worth it. FaciliWorks CMMS software has the potential to save any business several thousands of dollars over time.