Facility Maintenance Management is one of the most underrated jobs in an organization. If you peer more deeply into it within your organization, you will immediately understand just how tough it has become. Facility maintenance requests have a direct impact on business operations flow, which makes them an essential part of your day-to-day processes. If these requests are not managed effectively and pile up, they can no longer be overlooked because it is too late. We call this “run-to-failure” mode.

Each day the facility maintenance team faces challenges like missing parts, breakdowns, cost overruns, backlogs and much more. These issues not only damage the organization’s reputation, but can cost them a lot of money and resources, too. However, thanks to advances in CMMS software, this is a problem that can be easily solved. CMMS software is a must-have tool for any business that has facility maintenance, due in part to its outstanding feature set. The right software helps organizations arm themselves with solutions for staff becoming overwhelmed with maintenance requests. There are several great CMMS software packages available in the market that you can find with a basic web search. However, we believe FaciliWorks continues to provide one of the best CMMS software solutions on the market today. In this article, we will highlight five ways to stop overwhelming the maintenance staff by using CMMS software.

5 Ways to Use CMMS Software to Alleviate the Overworking of Maintenance Staff

1. Preventive Maintenance Management

Many companies have often overlooked the importance of preventive maintenance as well as the software to manage it, even as they face many different issues within their facilities. Having preventive maintenance software is essential, as it helps you to have a birds-eye view over all of your company’s equipment and facilities. As a result of subscribing to such a program, management will be made aware of any damaged or poorly working equipment well in advance.

Instead of waiting for an item to simply wear out, which not only requires financial resources to be repaired but also costs time, you can take the proactive approach and use a tool that saves you a lot of headache and worry. With preventive software, staff will be able to stock inventory more appropriately for maintenance staff and be in a much better position to track usage and downtime of the equipment. It’s essential to have such a tool at your disposal to save time and help to provide better information regarding equipment.

2. Equipment and Asset Management

Maintaining equipment and assets in an organization is necessary for running its operations. Thus, CMMS software gives its 24-hour support to the organization to efficiently manage its equipment, processes and assets. This will undoubtedly improve your maintenance department’s quality of service by giving a quicker response and better collaboration among staff.

Equipment and asset issues such as misplacement of equipment, theft or misuse of materials can have a negative impact on business operations and throughput. However, when you have the right CMMS software, you can manage your assets and equipment while easily detecting an anomaly that arises.

This type of software helps leadership and maintenance staff keep track of equipment, which not only saves time but maintenance cost as well. We all know that in some cases, if the company’s equipment wears out or the asset has little use life left, it can have a direct impact on day-to-day operation. CMMS software generates periodic reports regarding equipment and assets as well as their condition, so that companies can take any required actions in a timely manner.

3. Inventory Control Management

Inventory control is another way that CMMS software helps staff with their maintenance requests, allowing the staff to have full control over inventory and tool management. Without CMMS software, waiting for inventory to arrive is tiring, time-consuming and keeps your staff on edge and many essential operations and processes can be on hold due to an inventory delay. Some companies prepare an inventory list in Excel, but with the expansion in business and greater competitiveness in the market, it is not a feasible option anymore. Using CMMS software instead is a better option by far.

A good CMMS software solution like FaciliWorks is excellent at managing inventory, generating purchase orders, sending emails when inventory levels are low and providing information regarding vendors. It also helps to reduce inventory theft and offers better control of inventory management.

4. Predictive Maintenance

CMMS software is a maintenance software whose biggest purpose is to help staff with identifying maintenance issues. As a result, a CMMS keeps track of all the assets, inventory and equipment of an organization. Staff may then easily generate periodic reports regarding the management of equipment. It then becomes easy for staff to know when equipment needs maintenance, because this process is more streamlined than manual record keeping which can result in staff members forgetting equipment maintenance schedules and higher costs later when the equipment stops working.

A CMMS predicts whether or not it’s time for equipment maintenance/repair as well as how much downtime is needed for the work. This process helps to save organizations money and time and helps to aid in the smooth functioning of its operations.

5. Vendor Management

Lastly, an important and useful way in which CMMS Software will help you to stop overworking maintenance staff is with vendor management. Maintenance management software has all the information and data related to your company’s equipment and items. Therefore, it will give you better insight regarding your vendors.

This will give you all the information you need as to which equipment was purchased from which vendor and when. It also provides information regarding how often you purchase specific equipment from a particular vendor, for example, multiple purchases of the same part from the same vendor. You may then see a pattern and realize that there might be something wrong with the part supplied, in which case, it may be better to hunt for a more reliable vendor.

A great CMMS software feature is that it will generate vendor reports, breaking down how much money has been spent with each vendor. Later during audit, you can analyze these reports for efficient management and improved scheduling.

Final Words

Maintenance software solves staff maintenance problems by providing support with asset management, inventory management and preventive and predictive maintenance management. Moreover, it improves the organization’s operations, too. CMMS software has become an essential tool for any business when it comes to maintenance management. We hope you will consider FaciliWorks CMMS software before others when making your purchasing decision. Get a free web demo and free trial today here: Web Demo