Maximize your productivity and increase your workflow efficiency by integrating mobile CMMS software in your business. Manage work orders, document damages, and go paperless real-time with this very helpful maintenance management software.

A couple of decades ago, the cutting-edge office and home computers boasted of 64 MB Random Access Memory and an 8-gigabyte hard drive. Mobile phones were in analog forms and Wi-Fi is still unheard of. Tablets, smartphones, and other portable devices were not introduced yet. Way back, fast and dependable communications are made through fax machines that use thermal papers.

However, things have extremely changed now. In a research conducted by Pew Research Center, 77 percent of all adults in the United States own a smartphone. In another study, it was revealed that people use their smartphones nowadays beyond sending text messages and calling. The study reveals that the average smartphone owner uses their smartphones accessing apps on the average of two to three hours every day.

Research only reflects that our personal lives and businesses are extremely dependent on smartphones and other mobile devices. These devices transmit information and utilize Wi-Fi or cellular access. With the remarkable fame of the use of mobile devices, it is not anymore surprising that they have become vital business tools. Computerized Maintenance Management Software has acknowledged the benefits of mobile devices and combined them into their schemes.

This breakthrough in business and technology does not only simplify the workflow. It also made a remarkable impact in improving the efficiency of the operations. Your business can greatly benefit from mobile cmms software and maximize your profits. Here are several reasons how mobile cmms software increases workflow efficiency.

Mobile CMMS software brings mobility and portability

Businesses nowadays should be fluid and dynamic to stay within the competitive race. Multitasking compels employees to move to their place of work. With the mobile cmms software, technicians and facility managers can easily access the system everywhere. In addition, they can access the CMMS dashboard on various devices. This includes tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones. Work orders and all other management maintenance tasks like supply requests can be sent through the system. This replaces the hard copies, which most of the time take long hours to be fulfilled and retrieved. Mobile cmms software also avoids long delays linked with going back to the office workstation to fulfill several tasks.

Mobile CMMS software transmit images

Mobile CMMS software takes advantage of the excellent cameras installed in the tablets and smartphones. In terms of documenting damages found on site on equipment, the camera plays an invaluable and excellent tool. With digital documentation, you can easily attach the image to the work order. Proper repair and troubleshooting can be made easily and quickly. This ability to take images and transmit them whenever needed makes for a more efficient repair process.

Mobile CMMS software can scan bar codes

Most mobile cmms software comes with scan code. This feature automatically creates barcode or QR codes for all assets and equipment within seconds. In addition, this feature offers quick access to critical information on the equipment, easy access to work orders, and fast maintenance history access to name a few. Through mobile barcode scanning, you will save time and lessen errors. You will no longer have to search the database using keywords when creating work orders or retrieving manuals. In addition, errors associated with wrong serial numbers will no longer be committed since all you have to do is scan the code. The barcode scanning feature of mobile cmms software makes the maintenance management more flexible and saves you and your team time.

Mobile cmms software minimizes human errors, provides barcode creation and scanning and allows you to capture images. These are just several things that your business can take advantage of when you integrate mobile CMMS software in your business. These will further improve your personnel’s productivity and foster efficiency in the workflow.