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These product options are available with FaciliWorks 8i Pro or Enterprise.

Calibration Management
Calibration Management

Having a single, centralized database to control both assets and measurement equipment is not only convenient, but maximizes efficiency, reduces costs and simplifies regulatory compliance.

Incorporating calibration management with FaciliWorks allows for gage entry, calibration scheduling, tracking of gage locations, production of calibration certificates, tracking the as-found condition of gages and much more. And, because calibration and asset management are combined into one system, the corresponding Validation Kit meets requirements for single-track FDA validation.

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - validation
Validation Kit

This Validation Kit and our on-site validation services ensure documentation accuracy and preparedness for successful audits.

The FaciliWorks Validation Kit helps you establish and document FDA validation of your FaciliWorks software. It includes a guide which serves as the basis by which the software is validated and a sample validation database. And, because the software can incorporate calibration management, the corresponding validation kit supports both CMMS and calibration to meet requirements for single-track validation.

Web Service Requests
Web Service Requests

Allow an unlimited number of users to submit service requests online.

Service request submission functionality is already included in FaciliWorks 8i Pro and Enterprise; however, you have the option to obtain additional Web Service Request licensing that allows for an unlimited number of users.

SafetyPro Safety Checklists

SafetyPro is a database of step-by-step OSHA-compliant safety checklists – a must for any maintenance department.

SafetyPro covers 40 topics including fire protection, first aid, stairs and stairways, hand tools and much more. It easily installs directly into FaciliWorks CMMS software or it can be used in your company’s maintenance procedure manual and it’s fully customizable. Don’t waste time researching safety checklists or creating them from scratch – get SafetyPro today!

Using FaciliWorks TaskPro on Tablet
TaskPro Maintenance Procedures

Save time and effort with this comprehensive database of maintenance procedures that covers 250 different topics.

TaskPro covers all sorts of maintenance procedures, from air compressors and heat pumps to fire doors, cranes, elevators and fuel tanks. It quickly and easily installs directly into your FaciliWorks database and is fully customizable. Use TaskPro to promote efficient operations and maintenance throughout your facility.

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