FaciliWorks CMMS Services for Successful Implementation

FaciliWorks CMMS delivers all the tools you need to maximize productivity and minimize costs. But how do you get the most out of FaciliWorks? How do you avoid mistakes? Where do you start? The proper action plan, installation, configuration, data migration and training will ensure your successful CMMS implementation.

Why take advantage of our services?

CyberMetrics’ Client Solutions team includes trainers, project managers, validation specialists and consultants with proven technical knowledge and extensive experience. With over 12,000 clients worldwide, our team has the qualifications and resources to successfully implement FaciliWorks to help address under your company’s unique needs.

  • Minimize downtime
  • Implement quickly and seamlessly
  • Eliminate risk
  • Accelerate ROI
  • Realize the benefits of FaciliWorks CMMS

The information and data captured by FaciliWorks has a ripple effect throughout your entire company; all other departments depend on the optimization of the maintenance department: operations, production, shipping, inventory and management budgeting. Ultimately, your company’s ROI hinges on your department’s success with your new CMMS software, so doing it right the first time is a must.

Whether your project is simple or complex, our team, in conjunction with yours, will ensure that all critical functions are addressed and delivered. Our team can quickly and effectively implement FaciliWorks within your current operating environment. Through consulting, project management and training.  We will get FaciliWorks up and running in your facility accurately and  in record time, ensuring a successful and painless launch.

Proper Training is a Must!

Discovery and Planning

A successful CMMS implementation begins with a remote or on-site assessment of your maintenance management program, both its current state and its ideal future state. Our Client Solutions team will consult with your internal project team to establish the goals of the project, determine which services will be required to accomplish these goals and define project roles and responsibilities. Based on this assessment, your dedicated Client Solutions Manager will create an action plan and establish a preliminary time line for your approval.

Your Client Solutions Manager will serve as your main point of contact, monitoring and tracking your project through completion including allocation of appropriate project resources, overseeing the project time line and deliverables and providing continuous communication regarding project progress, obstacles, budget and scope.

Your company’s custom implementation action plan may include a few or all of he following services: Installation, Configuration, Data Services, Integration, Custom Reports, Validation, Training and Go Live.


CyberMetrics’ Installation Engineers have strong technical skills and knowledge of Microsoft products and networking technologies. They will scope the installation including hardware, time line and ideal configuration. This ensures the deployment of your solution will be quick, efficient and accurate. Our team installs FaciliWorks, establishes the network connection between the application and the database(s), formalizes project procedures and reviews high-level system design.


Proper configuration of FaciliWorks is imperative for CMMS success. Configuration dictates your daily workflow and operations. Configuration can include establishing system administrators and users, defining global, admin, personal and security settings, preparing for asset grouping or the use of multiple databases, customizing terminology, menu items and reports, determining SOPs for regulatory compliance, creating record templates, etc., to best suit your company’s needs.

Data Services

Data services include data collection, organization, migration and verification along with a data backup and recovery plan. Data migration will hinge on your company’s previous method of record-keeping, resulting in manual data entry or a data transfer. The integrity of your data is key to a successful CMMS implementation and proper data migration minimizes transitional downtime. The format of your data often impacts how configuration is set up such as numbering, custom fields and work flows.

Custom Reports

Though FaciliWorks provides a comprehensive set of reports, you may have additional reporting requirements. Per your company’s specifications, we will create customized reports for you that are quickly and easily imported into your FaciliWorks installation. Reports that are tailored to your specific needs will help you analyze and stay ahead of trends, forecast workloads, improve efficiency and minimize costs.

Validation for FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Our on-site validation services streamline the 21 CFR Part 11 validation process, guaranteeing documentation accuracy and minimizing downtime. Our Validation Services experts use the FaciliWorks Validation Kit (which includes a validation guide and a sample validation database for testing and verification) to perform the validation at your facility under normal operating conditions. Our Validation expert documents and stores all results within the Kit as preparation for future audits. Validation Services are available for Cloud as well as local, on-premise installations of FaciliWorks CMMS.


One of the most important aspects of a CMMS implementation is proper, comprehensive training. All too often, CMMS training budgets are minimal or non-existent, which results in the accrual of more costs due to errors made by untrained personnel. Though FaciliWorks is easy to use, it is a robust solution with extensive functionality. Formal training ensures consistent data entry by all users and proper use of the software in daily operation, as it pertains to the users’ specific roles in your maintenance management department. Software is simply a tool to be utilized in maintenance management; the real investment lies with your employees and training them on the proper use of that tool. Without it, the software could become a misused or unused tool, resulting in a reduction of ROI.

A variety of convenient and effective training options are available to fit your needs – please click here for details and the class schedule.

Go Live
The Go Live stage of the implementation process includes a final review of configuration, security, training, customization and data integrity, resulting in final sign-off and the launch of FaciliWorks as your new maintenance management solution.

How can we help you?

Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your implementation needs. Together, we will ensure that FaciliWorks will serve your maintenance management needs now and in the future.