Propel your ROI with
FaciliWorks Launchpad

Take advantage of Launchpad, our dynamic onboarding services package that will guide you through every stage of FaciliWorks implementation and beyond. Your dedicated Client Success Manager (CSM) works with you every step of the way to minimize your downtime and ensure the success of your implementation.

Launchpad Stages



Your dedicated CSM consults with your internal project team to assess the project, establish needs and expectations and create an action plan and preliminary timeline for implementation. Weekly meetings are scheduled to assess progress.


Your CSM assists your project team with download and installation of the software (or our Hosted Services team handles this and provides your login information) and ensures that FaciliWorks is up and running. You also receive a personalized walk-through of the software to prepare you for training.


Your data is either imported or upgraded at this stage, which includes data migration and verification along with a data backup and recovery plan. Database upgrades are included in Launchpad, but because data import specifications vary, import is priced separately.


At this stage of implementation, it’s time for training! Because we offer a variety of training options, it is priced separately from Launchpad. Please click here for training details or contact us to discuss your needs and options.


In the go-live stage of implementation, your CSM provides you with access to the FaciliWorks Support Community and ensures you’re fully prepared for launch. We then complete your final data migration and you’ll be off and running with your new FaciliWorks software!


After launch, you may have additional questions or need further coaching or consultation. During this stage, you have additional time with your dedicated CSM to use however you need. This time is available to you for 30 days beyond the date of training completion.

Why take advantage of our services?

The data captured by FaciliWorks has a ripple effect throughout your entire company because other departments, from operations and production to shipping and budgeting, depend on the optimization of the maintenance department. Ultimately, your company’s ROI hinges on your department’s success with your new CMMS software, so doing it right the first time is a must. Our Client Solutions team successfully implements FaciliWorks under your company’s unique infrastructure, ensuring that all critical functions are addressed and delivered.

Additional Services

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - configuration


Proper configuration of FaciliWorks is imperative to a successful deployment, as it dictates your daily workflow and operations. It can include anything from establishing system admins and users and defining security settings, to determining SOPs for regulatory compliance, etc.

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - validation


Our expert uses the FaciliWorks FDA Validation Kit to perform the software validation at your facility under normal operating conditions, guaranteeing documentation accuracy, minimizing downtime and ensuring preparedness for future audits. (FaciliWorks 8i only)

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - integration


Our Systems Integration team will integrate FaciliWorks with your existing business systems such as inventory, accounting, purchasing and building automation sensors. Our integration services will save you time, reduce costs, increase productivity and make FaciliWorks work even better for you.

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - custom reports


Though FaciliWorks provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, you may have additional reporting requirements. Per your company’s specifications, we will create custom reports for you that are quickly and easily imported into FaciliWorks.

FaciliWorks CMMS software implementation services - training


Even if you don’t take advantage of Launchpad, we highly recommend training. Without it, the software could become misused, resulting in a reduction of ROI. We offer a variety of training options and will gladly advise you on the appropriate type of training for your needs.

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