FaciliWorks Software Update

Essentials 9.2

This FaciliWorks Essentials 9.2 version update includes new capabilities that our customers have been requesting since Essentials first released in 2022. A few of the new capabilities are highlighted below, but you can also check out this Updates and Enhancements PDF for a comprehensive listing of new features as well as reported issues that have been corrected in this update.

New Language Support: FaciliWorks Essentials 9.2 now supports Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

New KPI: A new Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) key performance indicator has been added in 9.2. The MTTR KPI graphically represents the average time required to restore assets to functionality after a Service Request incident has been reported. A companion to the MTBF KPI, the new MTTR KPI will help managers gain valuable insights on the time between request and repair.

FaciliWorks Essentials 9.2 MTTR KPI

New Essentials Web Mobile Application: The new Web Mobile App in Essentials provides a simple but powerful user interface for technicians performing service to assets in the field using their mobile device. This is a true, responsive mobile application which does not require download or pre-installation from Google Play or the Apple Store. This streamlined, consolidated interface is perfectly suited for field technicians, as it provides access to service requests, CMs and PMs and quicker access to records with mobile barcode support.

FaciliWorks Essentials 9.2 Mobile App

Update Request Form

Please note that this update is already running on hosted sites, so no action is needed if you are a hosted customer. If you have an on-prem installation of Essentials, please submit the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

FaciliWorks Software Update Request Form