You simply access FaciliWorks through a browser.

When you choose to have your FaciliWorks CMMS software hosted by us, the software and your database reside on our servers and you access the software through a Web browser on your PC, tablet or smartphone. This option is known not only as Hosted CMMS, but also as SaaS CMMS (Software as a Service) or Cloud CMMS.

FaciliWorks Brochure PDF

And we take care of the rest:

  • Installation
  • Launch
  • Ongoing Updates
  • Secure Database Storage
Certified, state-of-the-art data center

Your transactions and database are secure.

Your transactions and data are completely secure because we use Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) to facilitate encrypted data exchanges and state-of-the-art data centers which hold the prestigious AICPA certification.

Use different interfaces as needed.

When you access the full version of the software on your PC or tablet, you can have access to all FaciliWorks functionality, but when working in the field, a technician doesn’t necessarily need access to everything, just the basics. That’s why we offer a second, more simplistic interface for smartphones and tablets for entering work order, preventative maintenance and meter reading data as the work is being performed.

FaciliWorks Web CMMS Interfaces

Only pay for what you use.

The price of FaciliWorks Hosted CMMS is an affordable annual fee, based on the number of concurrent users. For instance, if there are 30 people in your facility who will access FaciliWorks, but no more than 5 of them will be logged in at the same time, you would only pay for 5 concurrent users. The number of service request users is unlimited and is covered by a separate, small annual fee. Your number of concurrent users may change at any time and all it takes is a quick call or email to us and it’s done! Be sure to note that some CMMS providers charge based on named users, which means, per the example above, that you would have to pay for ALL 30 people who need access. When comparing CMMS providers, be sure to get the full details on how their pricing works.

Take the next step!

We will gladly help you determine which version of FaciliWorks is right for your company and give you a free, personalized demonstration to show you how it all works, so there won’t be any surprises.