Tap into the Power of FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS

For use on smartphones and tablets

Maximum efficiency without the paperwork.

FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS software provides an extra layer of flexibility by allowing technicians to enter any and all information about preventative maintenance, work orders and meter readings on a mobile device as the work is being performed, eliminating redundancy, minimizing errors and saving time and effort. This mobile version works in conjunction with the full Web-based program, but through a mobile-friendly interface. Login security, user permissions, digital signatures, advanced audit log and asset grouping all carry over from the main application to FaciliWorks Mobile.

FaciliWorks Mobile Brochure PDF

Some of the perks:

  • Free with FaciliWorks Enterprise!
  • Runs in any browser
  • Process PMs and WOs in the field
  • On-location meter updates
  • Input variety: talk-to-text, barcode scanning
FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS Screenshots

Streamlined interface that’s easy to navigate.

With the smart filters, simplified menus and data summaries in FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS, the technician can filter for records by pertinent criteria and access all of the necessary associated task, labor, part, tool, contractor, procedure and checklist details and even create work orders on the fly. The mobile interface only provides access to the information techs need – nothing more – so there’s no extraneous data to slow them down.

Smart input.

FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS allows for quick data retrieval through various inputs including voice (talk-to-text), barcode scanning and smart lists. Smart lists are very convenient when retrieving data in the field. You can enter in a single word or part of a word that is in the description of a part, asset, task, staff member or tool. The software then returns a list of related items and you simply select the desired item from this list.


FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS Software Features

Did we mention that it’s free?

FaciliWorks Mobile is available with FaciliWorks Enterprise (hosted or onsite server) and it’s completely free!

Take the next step!

We will gladly help you determine which version of FaciliWorks is right for your company and give you a free, personalized demonstration to show you how it all works, so there won’t be any surprises.