FaciliWorks CMMS


Why choose FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS?

Some of the highlights:

Free with FaciliWorks Enterprise

Runs in any browser

Process PMs and WOs in the field

On-location meter updates

Talk-to-text, barcode scanning

FaciliWorks Mobile CMMS software delivers maximum efficiency without the paperwork. It allows technicians to enter information about preventative maintenance, work orders and meter readings on a mobile device as the work is being performed, eliminating redundancy, minimizing errors and saving time and effort. They can even create work orders on the fly. The mobile interface only provides access to the information techs need – nothing more – so there’s no extraneous data to slow them down.

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Did we mention that it’s free?

FaciliWorks Mobile is included with FaciliWorks Enterprise, hosted or on-site.

See Hosted Pricing

The price of FaciliWorks Hosted CMMS is an annual fee, based on the number of concurrent users.

See On-site Server Pricing

The price of FaciliWorks On-site Server CMMS is a one-time fee, based on the number of concurrent users.

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