FaciliWorks CMMS Reviews and Testimonials

Whether you’ll use FaciliWorks to manage a handful of assets or thousands, the following reviews and testimonials will illustrate how FaciliWorks will improve your productivity, reduce costs, maximize asset uptime, optimize inventory and so much more.

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FaciliWorks CMMS Reviews


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Rockwell Automation helps manufacturers succeed and grow with industrial automation control and information solutions that give their customers a competitive advantage worldwide. So, when it came to managing Rockwell Automation’s assets, a world-class asset management solution was in order.

Rockwell scales across many production sites, while maintaining centralized asset control, so Rockwell chose FaciliWorks 8i which provides the world-class asset management they needed, the advantage of internet-based scalability and the capability to manage maintenance and gage calibration as needed, site to site. FaciliWorks 8i is the right fit for Rockwell Automation because it’s an all-in-one solution that can streamline maintenance and calibration processes.

Mike Haensgen, Project Engineer, says that “It’s flexible and easy to use. We looked at other products that offered two separate pieces of software that supposedly worked together, but FaciliWorks gives us the option of incorporating calibration, so it’s completely seamless.”

Nearly 600 staff members use FaciliWorks 8i to manage Rockwell’s assets. They can schedule preventative maintenance and calibrations on the same asset, view their operations and asset status in real time with dashboard analytics and use the workflow management system to define tasks, triggers and notification events. “FaciliWorks keeps our facilities running smoothly. It was definitely the right choice for us,” Mike says.

Mike Haensgen

Project Engineer, Rockwell Automation

Bay State Milling, a North American family-owned and operated flour miller, did not have a preventive maintenance system in place; it operated on a run-to-failure basis. The company turned to FaciliWorks for a reliable maintenance system.

“It cut costs – definitely,” said Dick Niswonger, a twenty-year Bay State employee. Niswonger relayed how FaciliWorks CMMS Maintenance Management Software improved the company’s bottom line. First, FaciliWorks reduced unscheduled downtime. By tracking maintenance history, Bay State now maintains equipment on a regular basis. Knowing that a particular piece of equipment is frequently failing helped determine the cause of the failure. In addition, the ability to track parts to particular equipment further sliced downtime.

“By being able to track parts to equipment, you spend less downtime finding the parts to repair a piece of equipment,” said Niswonger. Finally, maintenance labor costs have lessened due to reduced equipment failure.

Operational cost savings resulted from implementing FaciliWorks CMMS. With labor and unscheduled downtime reduced, the plant functions at an optimal level. According to Niswonger, FaciliWorks is a “very good product and a good way to manage maintenance and parts.” Bay State Milling remains a step ahead of industry trends and using FaciliWorks CMMS to manage their maintenance operation helps them to reduce costs, reduce downtime and increase asset utilization.

Dick Niswonger

Tech Manager, Bay State Milling

Moody Bible Institute, a private Christian college in Chicago, Illinois, is dedicated to training students for life in the ministry. Offering year-round classes since 1889, the institute has 15 buildings on campus that include typical college facilities such as classrooms, dormitories, a radio station, a bookstore and executive offices.

Keeping the campus operating smoothly can be quite a chore. “We have an engineering department with three divisions and 15 total employees to make sure that everything that needs to get done actually does,” says Scott Rough, a maintenance engineer who has worked at Moody for several years. “We tried to keep everything straight with a paper system but it wasn’t really working. Eventually, it became apparent that we needed something better.”

The “something” that they needed turned out to be FaciliWorks CMMS software, which the institute purchased at the end of October 2000. The software allows them to better manage their equipment database, including scheduling preventive maintenance and tracking unscheduled service requests. “Little by little, we are also working towards tracking each and every work order that comes through the department so that we can build a good maintenance history on all of the buildings and the machines on campus,” says Scott.

One of the reasons the engineering department chose FaciliWorks CMMS was because it is “very simple to operate.” They also liked the amount of time it saves them. Formerly, when a machine needed new parts, someone would have to track down the machine itself to get the necessary information. Today, this data can all be accessed via computer. According to Rough, another very useful feature is the ability to track work orders. He explains that prior to purchasing the software, it wasn’t uncommon for each of the engineering supervisors to keep their divisions’ work orders in their own areas. With FaciliWorks, it is all in one central location and anyone can check status. Finally, since the institute uses its own terminology, Rough cites FaciliWorks’ ability to change label names and clone equipment information and maintenance tasks as a major benefit.

“Aside from all of the features, we purchased the software because of the customer service and support we received when we were running the demo,” explains Rough. “Every time I had a question, I got an answer right away and if the person I was talking to didn’t have the answer, they found someone who did.”

Scott Rough

Maintenance Engineer, Moody Bible Institute

For more than 80 years, the name Terumo has been synonymous with high-quality, innovative medical devices. From its start in 1921 as a manufacturer of clinical thermometers, Terumo has grown worldwide to a position of leadership in such areas as hollow-fiber technology, blood-management systems and endovascular therapy.

Robert Sutton, Quality Specialist, relies on FaciliWorks 8i CMMS software to run the extensive Preventative Maintenance and Equipment Control Departments of the Terumo Cardiovascular Systems and Terumo Heart Divisions in Ann Arbor, MI.

Sutton needed to save time, reduce errors and manage multiple facilities at once. Paper records and electronic spreadsheets were time consuming and left far too much room for human error. Additionally, because of Terumo’s multiple locations, they needed a centralized software solution to control all assets, including but not limited to preventative maintenance and repairs.

Terumo began using FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS in 2002 and recently upgraded to FaciliWorks 8i Server CMMS. Robert uses FaciliWorks 8i because it saves time, helps his team avoid costly errors and lets them manage “everything from inspection, measuring and test equipment to heavy duty machine shop equipment, test fixtures, vehicles and buildings” across multiple facilities with a single, centralized database. The result is increased asset uptime, decreased costs and improved efficiency. Terumo has also taken advantage of online FaciliWorks training. Robert says it was “…awesome training that really led to time savings and higher quality of output.”

Robert Sutton

Maintenance Supervisor / Quality Specialist, Terumo Medical

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