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Whether you’re managing a handful of assets or thousands, FaciliWorks will improve your productivity, reduce costs, maximize asset uptime, optimize inventory and so much more.

FaciliWorks CMMS Software Reviews

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Hats off to the design and development team!

January 12, 2022

We’re still transitioning from 8i but the ability to add pictures to our tasks/procedures is greatly improving the quality and thoroughness of our preventative and corrective maintenance. The new interface is reducing administrative steps for our system manager and cascading data feature makes it much quicker move from asset to relational data when updating records. [My favorite feature of FaciliWorks Essentials is] the new interface. It’s clean, intuitive and concise. Much more streamlined and intuitive. There is a natural flow to the data management process. Essentials is a huge improvement over 8i. Hats off to the design and development team!

Jeff Schultz, Safety & Development Manager

Use of Faciliworks

December 12, 2018

Overall: I have been using faciliworks for 2 years, it has been a real asset in maintains PM scheduling also very user friendly for others to request service from the maintenance team. Pros: Ease of use after getting set- up , tracking spending on individual assets. PM scheduling, work order service request was very easy to set up. Cons: Getting the e- mail to work was not so easy. Review source: Capterra.com

Robert B., Maintenance Technician

It has been easy to operate so far, it's only been 2 months since I've started using the program

May 17, 2018

Pros: How simple it is to create a work order and how easy it is to find a work order instead of going through every single work order. Cons: I don’t like the many options it has to put in all the tool or materials and how it looks messing when printing out work order with comments. It should be more put together. Review source: Capterra.com

Jolene F., Office Specialist

FaciliWorks is easy to use, work orders are easy to generate.

May 17, 2018

Pros: I like that work orders are easy to generate, easy to understand. Work orders are streamlined and get straight to the point. Cons: I dislike the amount of times you have to click “ok” during the process of creating work orders, create service request “click ok” approve service request “click ok”. Review source: Capterra.com

Jalisa M., Administrative Assistant

Overall it is very easy to use, reporting is nice.

May 14, 2018

Pros: Keeps track of all of my assets very well, has a lot of nice reporting features. Our staff here is limited so the software helps fill that. Cons: About the only thing I found is some of the custom reporting features can be a little difficult to use. Review source: Capterra.com

Edward R., Engineer

Helps me maintain pm & repair records for my equipment.

May 14, 2018

Pros: Easy to learn since I was use to the desktop version at my other job. We need to log in all Pm’s and repairs to maintain our compliance with our customers standards. Cons: Had issues with reports that your support person never resolved for me or replied back to me. I ended up importing into another program to get my results. Review source: Capterra.com

Mike S., Maintenance

Faciliworks makes it easy to manage our equipment, schedule repairs and track parts and downtime.

May 11, 2018

Pros: Ease of use, the ability to use a smartphone to manage equipment and input meter readings via the phone. Cons: No mobile app scanning feature. Would like to use the capability to scan with a smartphone. Smartphones already have scanning capability. It would be helpful for inventory. Review source: Capterra.com

Chris W., Senior Equipment Tech

Very easy to input assets and inventory

May 10, 2018

Pros: The ability to input your inventory and tie it to specific assets also to schedule pm to when they need to be done Cons: Haven’t really found any have only had the program for a few short months I’m sure there will be some some where. Review source: Capterra.com

Timothy P., Maintenance Engineer

Great web base asset management system that is "scale-able"

May 10, 2018

Overall: A system that helps me run the business. Pros: I really enjoy the web base system. I don’t have to worry about maintaining the software on our servers. Customer support is always there. Cons: No real negative, but it is best to use the and understand the system strengths. Don’t try to customize. Its easier just modify internal systems to match what the system can do. Review source: Capterra.com

Dave G., Engineer

Powerful, expansive maintenance software with unlimited potential

May 10, 2018

Pros: Depth of tracking, and functionality, there seems to be no end to how far you can go tracking and maintaining records for your company. Versatility, being able to use the software for everything from core machinery tracking, to things as simple as fire extinguisher and exit lighting maintenance. Cons: Only a con to this point as I’ve not fully learned to use the custom report designer fully, but a lot of reports that are built in are a bit verbose. There are a few that would have been better simply being a list of things, tasks, etc, without pages of showing the actual task. Review source: Capterra.com

Jon P., Preventative Maintenance Coordinator

Great to work with! Training was easy to follow as well.

May 10, 2018

Pros: Lets see… 1. ease of use. 2. great customer service. 3. excellent tracking of equipment. 4. fast set up. Cons: The only problems we had with the software were either fixed online, or explained how to fix in a couple easy steps. Review source: Capterra.com

Charles H., Inspector

FaciliWorks offers a lot of valuable features at a very reasonable cost. The support is excellent.

May 10, 2018

Overall: We manage all our assets and their readiness using FaciliWorks. Pros: All the features needed to manage a companies maintenance are covered. The support and training staff are excellent. Cons: The platform and interface is a bit dated and the custom report building needs to be simplified. A more intuitive process flow would help the novice user navigate the complex relationships between assets, preventative, corrective and recurring tasks. Review source: Capterra.com

Jeff S., Development Manager

Great Customer Service, always helpful when I call with questions, extremely adaptable software.

August 21, 2017

Pros: Different user levels can be setup depending on who you want access to parts of the software. The dashboard and automatic KPI calculations are good visuals. Cons: Could be more intuitive, made my own quick reference guide for our employees internally which helped a ton. Overall: PMs, KPI’s for IATF16949, Spare Part tracking. Review Source: Capterra.com

Stewart Semeraro, Manufacturing Engineering and Facilities Manager

I have been using FaciliWorks for over 10 years and have found it to be useful for our applications.

August 18, 2017

Pros: It is easy to navigate thru the menus and locate info in many different ways. Anytime i have ever needed help customer support has been very helpful and were able to solve any issue we had. Cons: Log in takes a while sometimes and printing out batch work orders can take a bit of time freezing up computer. Must check compatibility with other programs on your PC. Overall: Tracking of maintenance is excellent and provides easy access for auditing. Review Source: Capterra.com

Thomas Schriver, Senior Manufacturing Engineering Support Technician

The only CMMS I've used. Works for our company.

August 15, 2017

Pros: It took me about 6 months to get all the information in the system in order to start creating work orders and PMs. Once everything is set up in the system, you can access everything you need from the dashboard. The users don’t have to know much about the software in order to enter SRs or close out PMs and WOs. Cons: Very slow to load, even with the web-based software. Some of the reports do absolutely nothing and the ones that are useful are tedious to run. Overall: This is the first CMMS software our small company has used. We are now tracking aprx 320 assets. Review Source: Capterra.com

Rachel Williamson, Human Resources

More than 10 years using the software my experience is good I'm satisfied with the software.

August 8, 2017

Pros: report customization, FDA fulfillment, FDA validation Kit, the FDA validation kit is very useful for software validation Cons: not friendly with Picturial procedures we trying to use pictorial procedures and the software does not friendly with this Overall: By the nature of our manufacturing business mainly the FDA validation fulfillment, customization reports. Review Source: Capterra.com

Fernando Murillo, Facilities Manager

Good experience

August 3, 2017

Pros: I like the easy access from my computer and the new way to manage all the assets in the program its more easier then the previous version (8) Cons: first I will prefer different colors then make it more easier to manage accounts( passwords and privileges ) being the administrator Overall: now I have more time for doing my duties. Review Source: Capterra.com

David Carrillo, Manuf. engineer

Fantastic! Easy to use and create the PM's and work orders we need here.

August 3, 2017

Pros: Easy to use. Creates PM’s and work orders which can be printed out daily and all at one time. Has an inventory to log in parts and choose locations. Ability to add employees and select who will do what task for PM or work order. The program is excellent in PMs and work orders to track and keep records in the program or even from the printed copies. Cons: I wish there was an easier way to better track inventory. That’s about it. The way we have it setup makes it 100% useful for all PM or WO issues but not so much for inventory needs. Overall: PM’s and WO’s needed for co-workers. Records and ability to go back and see what was done during that PM or WO. Review Source: Capterra.com

Jonathan Tedesco, Maintenance Clerk

Excellent product that simplifies my property management and maintenance.

August 3, 2017

Pros: This is a comprehensive software that we love and is now tracking all of our property assets so that regular maintenance is tracked, and troubles are addressed in a proactive manner rather than reactive. Over the long term ownership, this path has and will continue to save us in operating costs. It also helps us to proactively identify problems before they cause an outage. The process is intuitive and operates very well. The interface is clear and understandable. Cons: The mobile app is a little complicated especially to explain to field workers. The user interface could be easier to understand by adding simple icons instead of drop downs. Review Source: Capterra.com

Chris Morris, Manager

My experience with FaciliWorks has been fantastic! Great program!

August 3, 2017

Pros: Ease of creating work orders, keeping accurate records of equipment, keeping track of tools and supplies, scheduling repairs and service. Cons: Speed of desktop version, complexity of installation, time it takes to get everyone trained, support hours. Overall: It allows us to meet our corporate standards. Review Source: Capterra.com

David McMurdock, IT Support Specialist

Satisfying, ease of use, and great inventory compiler.

August 3, 2017

Pros: Ability to write PO’S and tracking of those PO’S through every step of the process. Inventory control is reliable and the reports generated are a great help at the end of the year. Cons: After six years of usage and several calls to customer support, I still do not have the ability to use the tax block on my PO form, and if I attempt to, the entire PO becomes locked and I have to discard it and start a new one. I cannot batch print work orders, but have to open and print each one individually…I inquired about that one too. I have to change the billing address on my PO’S each time I write one-(the street address and PO Box cannot both be saved). When I go to the PO listing page the dates are never posted with the PO#. When I begin to write a PO and I am ready to go to the line items tab, I don’t have to be told by a little box, to go to the line items tab and list my items…an ill contrived, time consuming step in the program which needs to be removed. Review Source: Capterra.com

Richard Wirz, Engineering/Maintenance Manager

This software helps us a lot with PM. We pass audit of Coca Cola and ISO 9001.

August 3, 2017

Pros: The schedule of machine , Task, and Att. on the P.M. The report that we can print, Buget that can can control Cons: None I do not have the software work great for Us . Only think is that I can not get an good report for account. Overall: Lower my cost of maintenance. Review Source: Capterra.com

Giovanni Leo, Chief Engineer

FaciliWorks has helped me keep track of the task I need to keep the shop running.

August 3, 2017

Pros: the software is very adaptable. It was easy to set up. I could easily add or subtract information and scheduling PMs was easy. Work orders help keep track of expenses and record date and Cons: It would be helpful if there was some videos of the best way to start entering information into the program. It would be nice to have some reports to see an overall look at how well the maintenance program is working. For some reason the month of September does not keep record of cost. Overall: A more professional way to show how the maintenance is keeping up with PMs and Projects. Review Source: Capterra.com

Keith Sayre, Maintenance Manager

Been using since 2011 across 3 sites

April 28, 2015

Overall: pro – FaciliWorks with asset grouping allow us to manage all 3 sites as a whole, or day to day individually. The new mobile is extremely helpful for creating work orders on the fly and updating meters. Support is outstanding. con- not to big of a deal, but you must pay for support. Review source: Capterra.com

Steve M.

FaciliWorks CMMS Software Testimonials

Bay State Milling, a North American family-owned and operated flour miller, did not have a preventive maintenance system in place; it operated on a run-to-failure basis. The company turned to FaciliWorks for a reliable maintenance system.

“It cut costs – definitely,” said Dick Niswonger, a twenty-year Bay State employee. Niswonger relayed how FaciliWorks CMMS Maintenance Management Software improved the company’s bottom line. First, FaciliWorks reduced unscheduled downtime. By tracking maintenance history, Bay State now maintains equipment on a regular basis. Knowing that a particular piece of equipment is frequently failing helped determine the cause of the failure. In addition, the ability to track parts to particular equipment further sliced downtime.

“By being able to track parts to equipment, you spend less downtime finding the parts to repair a piece of equipment,” said Niswonger. Finally, maintenance labor costs have lessened due to reduced equipment failure.

Operational cost savings resulted from implementing FaciliWorks CMMS. With labor and unscheduled downtime reduced, the plant functions at an optimal level. According to Niswonger, FaciliWorks is a “very good product and a good way to manage maintenance and parts.” Bay State Milling remains a step ahead of industry trends and using FaciliWorks CMMS to manage their maintenance operation helps them to reduce costs, reduce downtime and increase asset utilization.

Dick Niswonger
Tech Manager, Bay State Milling

For more than 80 years, the name Terumo has been synonymous with high-quality, innovative medical devices. From its start in 1921 as a manufacturer of clinical thermometers, Terumo has grown worldwide to a position of leadership in such areas as hollow-fiber technology, blood-management systems and endovascular therapy.

Robert Sutton, Quality Specialist, relies on FaciliWorks 8i CMMS software to run the extensive Preventative Maintenance and Equipment Control Departments of the Terumo Cardiovascular Systems and Terumo Heart Divisions in Ann Arbor, MI.

Sutton needed to save time, reduce errors and manage multiple facilities at once. Paper records and electronic spreadsheets were time consuming and left far too much room for human error. Additionally, because of Terumo’s multiple locations, they needed a centralized software solution to control all assets, including but not limited to preventative maintenance and repairs.

Terumo began using FaciliWorks Desktop CMMS in 2002 and recently upgraded to FaciliWorks 8i Server CMMS. Robert uses FaciliWorks 8i because it saves time, helps his team avoid costly errors and lets them manage “everything from inspection, measuring and test equipment to heavy duty machine shop equipment, test fixtures, vehicles and buildings” across multiple facilities with a single, centralized database. The result is increased asset uptime, decreased costs and improved efficiency. Terumo has also taken advantage of online FaciliWorks training. Robert says it was “…awesome training that really led to time savings and higher quality of output.”

Robert Sutton
Maintenance Supervisor / Quality Specialist, Terumo Medical

Moody Bible Institute, a private Christian college in Chicago, Illinois, is dedicated to training students for life in the ministry. Offering year-round classes since 1889, the institute has 15 buildings on campus that include typical college facilities such as classrooms, dormitories, a radio station, a bookstore and executive offices.

Keeping the campus operating smoothly can be quite a chore. “We have an engineering department with three divisions and 15 total employees to make sure that everything that needs to get done actually does,” says Scott Rough, a maintenance engineer who has worked at Moody for several years. “We tried to keep everything straight with a paper system but it wasn’t really working. Eventually, it became apparent that we needed something better.”

The “something” that they needed turned out to be FaciliWorks CMMS software, which the institute purchased at the end of October 2000. The software allows them to better manage their equipment database, including scheduling preventive maintenance and tracking unscheduled service requests. “Little by little, we are also working towards tracking each and every work order that comes through the department so that we can build a good maintenance history on all of the buildings and the machines on campus,” says Scott.

One of the reasons the engineering department chose FaciliWorks CMMS was because it is “very simple to operate.” They also liked the amount of time it saves them. Formerly, when a machine needed new parts, someone would have to track down the machine itself to get the necessary information. Today, this data can all be accessed via computer. According to Rough, another very useful feature is the ability to track work orders. He explains that prior to purchasing the software, it wasn’t uncommon for each of the engineering supervisors to keep their divisions’ work orders in their own areas. With FaciliWorks, it is all in one central location and anyone can check status. Finally, since the institute uses its own terminology, Rough cites FaciliWorks’ ability to change label names and clone equipment information and maintenance tasks as a major benefit.

“Aside from all of the features, we purchased the software because of the customer service and support we received when we were running the demo,” explains Rough. “Every time I had a question, I got an answer right away and if the person I was talking to didn’t have the answer, they found someone who did.”

Scott Rough
Maintenance Engineer, Moody Bible Institute