FaciliWorks Training Class Schedule

Proper training is a must!

To save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software, it is imperative to receive proper training and we offer a wide variety of training options to meet every need and budget. Class sizes are limited, so make your reservation now!


CyberMetrics is actively monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In accordance with the recommendations of state and Federal government, as well as the CDC and World Health Organization, we have temporarily suspended our on-site and regional training services. Since this is a fluid situation, we cannot determine when these services will resume.

To continue to provide the best product training for our customers in the safest way possible, we will be providing additional Web Training dates, and on an accelerated delivery schedule. This will prove to be effective training for your team members, delivering each training module segment over a two-day period (each day will provide four hours of training, with a two-hour break in between sessions). Our Web Training Modules are instructor-led and provide training certification upon completion. Best of all, your team will not have to leave the office (or their homes) to complete this valuable training. Please send any inquiries regarding your training options to your CyberMetrics product account manager or contact our Training Advisor (training@cybermetrics.com) to schedule your Web training.

Custom Training

In addition to the two training types listed below, we also offer custom onsite training and custom web training. If you need to train more than one user, users at multiple locations or simply want a fully customized training experience on your timeline, please contact us regarding these special training options.

FaciliWorks 8i Web Training Suite

The FaciliWorks 8i Web Training Suite is a series of four interactive online training sessions (2 hours each). You participate from the comfort of your own office and you can fully interact with your skilled trainer. Complete all four sessions in the suite to receive a certificate of completion and you’ll be using FaciliWorks like a pro.

Session 1: PM Creation and Completion – This session will teach you the basics of creating an asset record and creating preventative maintenance events against it. Additionally, you’ll learn how to utilize the dashboard to quickly locate open preventative maintenance events and complete them.

Session 2: Web Service Requests and Work Orders – In this session, you will learn how to submit service requests, how to create corrective work order events and how to use the dashboard to quickly locate open work orders and complete them. You’ll also learn about work order and service request configurations that will streamline your workflow.

Session 3: Reports and Configuration – This session will focus on which reports are most often needed, how to save those as favorites to your Dashboard and which business rule configuration options are available. You will also learn how to create user IDs and staff records and how the two record types differ.

Session 4: Additional User Tools – This session will introduce you to the mobile view of work order and PM events and the PM calendar view. You’ll also learn about the value of the PM/WO scheduling tool and KPIs and we’ll discuss the role and rules involved in managing spare part inventory usage.

Pricing and Discounts

Register for the full suite for $1399 or $429 per session. To receive the full suite discount and reserve your seat, please contact our training specialist (contact info below). Individual sessions can be purchased online via the Purchase Now links.


To register, please contact our training specialist at 1-800-776-3090 ext. 134 or by email.

Class Times

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST

November-December 2020

Session 1: November 30 – Available

Session 2: December 2 – Available

Session 3: December 7 – Available

Session 4: December 9 – Available

FaciliWorks 8i Regional Training

Regional Training classes offer hands-on, in-person learning and include a certificate of completion. Our talented instructors will take you step by step​ through planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of FaciliWorks. You’ll also learn about advanced topics like data filtering, system maintenance, system security and more. Regional classes are held at our training facility in Phoenix, Arizona as well as various cities around the country. Each class is two consecutive days. For more than two attendees, please contact us regarding onsite training.

Schedule: Classes begin at 8:00 am and end at 4:00 pm.

Meals: Lunch and refreshments are included in class fees.

Pricing and Discounts

The standard class price is $1399. Register 30 days in advance and pay only $1099 or attend a class in Phoenix for even greater discounts.


To register, please contact our training specialist at 1-800-776-3090 ext. 134 or by email.

  • Navigation: menus, searches, filters and finds
  • Data entry requirements and best practices
  • Assets: key fields, cloning, setting up PM events by assigning tasks to the asset
  • Tasks: key fields, assigning a PM frequency
  • Procedures: procedures as work instructions, assigning a procedure to a task
  • Preventative maintenance: create, manage and print PMs, locate PMs to update and complete
  • Work orders: create, manage and print WOs, locate WOs to update and complete
  • Service requests: submit SRs, administer the creation of WOs against SRs
  • Spare parts inventory: assign parts to a PM or WO, updating quantities in stock based on work event usage
  • Mobile view of PMs and WOs
  • Reports
  • PM and WO scheduler
  • Program configuration: email configuration, PM and WO required fields, SR required fields, security
  • Personnel: setting up user access, setting up staff (technician) records

Payment: A purchase order, EFT, check or credit card payment must be received in order to register for regional training. Please indicate on checks and POs the name(s) of attendee(s), class location and class date.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation fee of $250 will be charged for cancellation notices received less than 10 business days before the class. Cancellation notification must be received no later than the business day before the start of a class; attendees who do not appear for class without giving proper notice of cancellation will forfeit the full price of the training class.

Notice: CyberMetrics does not permit audio or video recordings of its training classes. Classes may be cancelled at CyberMetrics’ discretion and CyberMetrics cannot assume responsibility arising from cancelled travel plans. CyberMetrics reserves the right to substitute class instructor and alter class content.

Due to the pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our regional trainings. Please contact our training specialist regarding our other training options.