CMMS program or also known as Computerized Maintenance Management System is a very helpful tool that makes the lives of technicians a lot easier by storing all the information and details that are important in the tracking the company’s development or progress on different time frames. At first, the term might really be difficult to understand given the aspects of its technicality and the ways on how to utilize its purpose. Do not worry, that is normal! That is why most agencies that offer CMMS software online always have their own tutorials on how to properly use the four corners of the tool and eventually get used to it.

If you are one of the people whose attention had been caught by the power of computerized maintenance management system but is also afraid about diving into a commitment with it, this is the right place for you to get started. Below are certain scenarios that are very simple and also normal encounters in our everyday lives but are perfect examples of how CMMS software works. Just keep on reading and who knows, maybe you will find yourself more interested in enrolling for a CMMS after this article!

Okay. Now let us get started. Our story begins with a simple mobile phone. Yes, you read it right. A common cellphone. And how can computerized maintenance management system be connected to a mobile phone? Let us set this mobile phone as the main equipment or tool that you have. Imagine having a mobile phone for two years already and then one day, you woke up to a very alarming event when you are ready to update your Facebook status however you can no longer press the Menu button of your mobile phone. With the help of CMMS, how can you address this challenge?


Step 1: Problem Identification

In a matter of minutes, the problems came in. Suddenly, you remembered that you need to send an urgent email to one of your classmates about a school project, send a private message to your long lost friend who suddenly visited the town and is actually inviting you for a dinner tonight, as well as calling the regular provider of your dog’s food because the Labrador is now barking downstairs. On top of everything, your desktop computer is currently under repair and you are alone since your parents are out of town.

CMMS works in a way that problems for equipment are easily identified. Not that it only determines the main conflict but it will also give you the underlying obstacles that will prevent the company from providing an easy resolution.


Step 2: Work Request and Approval

Faster than a cheetah chasing a deer, you jumped out of bed and dressed up, remembering that there is a nearby mobile phone repair shop at Walmart. Knowing you still have some spare money, you promised the Labrador plenty of goodies when you returned and rushed to the mall with the malfunctioning phone. The ride was very stressful since your parents brought the cars with them, so you need to take the subway filled with passengers just to get to the repair shop. When you arrived, two people are still on the line and waiting for their turn to be entertained by the technician. So you sat down and waited, waiting for your turn to be called…

The work request is one of the most complicated things when a company encounters a problem. But thanks to CMMS, this software will not let you do all the work since it has the capacity of knowing the specialist to handle the problem, send a work request, and keep track of the approval.


Step 3: Work Execution and Root Cause Identification

After an hour of listening to the lady rant about her new mobile device, you finally got the chance to get to the technician. Finally, the mobile phone was repaired within twenty minutes and the suggestion that the technician told you was that you should always be aware if the keypad is already not working. The technician found out that a drop of water entered the case of the phone and it affected how the keypad works.

CMMS does not only handle the execution of the resolution for the problem but it will also determine the causes of the problem and let you know about it. This is one of the best advantages that you will get once you start using a computerized maintenance management system.


Step 4: History Record

Upon giving the cheque and paying the technician, you saw him list your name and the amount on his record book. You suddenly realized that it is important for them to track every transaction since they will need to base their incomes and expenses on the works they have done in a day.

Similar to what CMMS also has in store for you, it tracks all problems and records it in the history of the software so that you will get to have an idea of what to do once the problem happens again. But most likely, this is where the maintenance takes place for knowing the conflicts you have encountered will give you an overview on which to avoid in the future. On the case of our example, keeping the mobile device near wet places.