Every one of us has been through conflicts managing projects or activities either in our household tasks or school works. To effectively manage our time and effort, we make sure that materials are available and working properly to prevent spontaneous conflicts along the way. For instance, with the upcoming deadline of a school requirement about a theater play, you should consider not the just the maintenance of the props you are going to use but also tracking the development of each actor or backstage specialists on their respective tasks. Maintenance in the household is also applicable to the basic stocking of ingredients in the refrigerator. By being updated on what is store and what is lacking, you prevent shortcomings to push you back in preparing food.

By these examples, we can conclude that maintenance in the field of work is really a task to be expert at. It becomes a root of either success or downfalls of the target result. Though maintenance or planning are often prioritized before plotting a project, conflicts still arise out of causes that are way too little to be noticed. This also applies to big companies or facilities that need more advanced maintenance system.

As a savior to this dilemma, CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System has been introduced as software that keeps data, inventory, and expenses of a particular project to achieve perfect work maintenance. Coming as a strategy that works at the most convenient way since information is being accessed through clicks and swipe, computerized maintenance management system has been the trend of companies seeking for the easiest way to achieve their mission and visions. Basically, CMMS will be alerting you of what are the available inventory of your company and it will also keep the reports of daily tasks.

Let us apply the power of CMMS on a basic activity. For instance, you will be having a party next weekend and you want to make sure that everything will be prepared from the snacks to the drinks that you will be offering to all who are invited. By using software, you will be able to have a list of all the ingredients that you have and will need for a perfect party. Moreover, you can also track if your facilities, such as your living room, the kitchen, and even the pool, are ready for such an event. Imagine having access to all this information while inviting friends over lunch at school through a mobile app, very stress-free isn’t it? Well, the same effect of relief applies to companies using a computerized maintenance management system. But what if going back to history, the person who first invented this software had an emergency and forgot to take his plans to actions?

What if CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System was not invented? What can we imagine with the world we have today?


Rare Rapid Company Success Stories

The overall impact of lacking the most convenient way of tracking maintenance is not complicated to fathom. By using papers and folders that could be tedious to keep records, a technician could have saved time and work on more important tasks in the field if software dedicated for this is available. Of course, the internet when used in the right way can be one powerful tool to help in attaining success. Not having this tool will result in less quick development of a company; thus making rapid success a rare achievement.

Expenses Beat Income

Financially speaking, a convenient way of tracking maintenance will reduce manpower hence reducing wages that need to be outsourced. If maintenance is being done through physical tracking, there will be cases of unrecorded activity that might be important in future tasks. For instance, a technician missed recording the expiration of a machine (which is actually one task you do not need to exert much effort into when using computerized maintenance management system), and then the big day came and the machine malfunctioned. We can all agree that this scenario will result in unexpected buying of inventory that is sometimes more expensive, that also leads to more effort from the manpower to satisfy accidental expenses.

The exertion of Emergency Manpower

Most of us work with a forward perspective of our rest days. But imagine a scenario similar to the one stated previously. It is a Friday afternoon, and one of the packaging machines in the factory had a malfunction. Due to the tracking of inventory that has been missed, your supervisor requested to have overtime to work on more packages using other machines. Your plan after the day suddenly crashed, you sadly texted your partner that the date will be canceled. Then you headed back in while shrugging and shaking your head in dismay.

These situations are quite hard to imagine most especially if you are the one being roasted in it, but remember that at this point in time, this is already resolvable through the computerized maintenance management system.

What are you waiting for? Grab an enrollment on countless software you can find on the internet and feel the positive results on your way!