Doing maintenance for a company is definitely tiring. Truthfully, it is. And even if we search for other terms that will not trigger any type of stress, we cannot really deny the fact that managing activities for a company full time is a very tedious and critical. A little incorrect information can cause massive impacts that might affect the company or project as a whole.

Thanks to technology and innovation, CMMS is introduced to bring ease and convenience to all technicians out there. CMMS, the abbreviation for computerized maintenance management system is a software intended to track information, schedule work orders, and maintain inventory and expenses of a company or a project. In short, the purpose of CMMS is to simplify maintenance management.

Just like its application, understanding how CMMS works can be quite challenging for it will require knowledge in the turn arounds of the software. For us to be able to get to know CMMS easier, we are going to break down the meaning of each word and come into the significance and purpose of the software as a whole.



The term “computerized” refers to the fact that with the use of CMMS, the maintenance of all the information in the company is stored on a computer.

On our current generation, this concept is not a surprise anymore. With the power of technology and the speed of the internet on the 21st century, this idea is being applied to most workloads which give convenience and ease to human. However, before the 1980’s, maintenance of details was generally tracked with only a pencil and a paper. Due to this traditional process, maintenance became mainly reactive rather than proactive, where in maintenance is only conducted after a negative scenario or an accident happened. Living on those days, preventive maintenance was very rare because of the difficulty of tracking which assets needed routine maintenance when all of the asset’s information were stored in a filing cabinet.

In the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s, when CMMS reached its stage of quick development, companies and organizations began to evolve as well when it comes to maintenance. From pencil and papers, management of different assets became accessible through thick computers. With the help of innovation, technicians started to track work orders more conveniently, generate accurate reports faster, and determine which of their assets required preventive maintenance instantly. This advancement in the field of maintenance management led to extended asset lifespans, more improved organizations, ultimately reduced costs and increased profits.



Maintenance is the job of all users of CMMS software every single day. This job could be in many forms, whether it is responding to an on-demand work order for a damaged inventory or performing routine inspection on a generator.

A computer software alone is not adequate enough to accomplish the work of a skilled technician. However, the best help that it can offer is to ensure that tasks are prioritized in the right and most efficient way and that important attributes such as inventory and labor are in the right place to ensure success. Computerized maintenance management system solutions give technicians the freedom to focus more in the field for hands-on maintenance rather than paperwork that can absolutely be time-consuming.



This is the key role of a CMMS solution: management. Management of the company maintenance is designated to provide users or technicians the instant insight into the state of the company’s maintenance needs with detailed work order schedules, specific inventory forecasts, and immediate access to hundreds of invaluable reports. One of the best things that CMMS solutions has is making the maintenance management a lot easier by empowering managers with information so that they can make the most informed decisions possible.



Based on the Cambridge Dictionary, system is a noun that means “a set of connected items or devices that operate together”. Moreover, a system can also be thought of as an overall combination of features, attributes, and capabilities within a CMMS software.

Different CMMS solutions offer a varying type of system. In an overall perspective, the best CMMS system is the one that helps its users to finish his or her existing maintenance practices in the most effective manner while offering features that save time to reduce expenses, costs, and savings of time.

FaciliWorks’ CMMS solutions provide an overall software dedicated to make it easy and convenient to manage work orders, preventive maintenance tasks, assets, purchase orders, fleet, inventory levels, and more in one system which is also user-friendly. For a complete breakdown of FaciliWorks’ CMMS software, its visions and missions, always feel free to consult their website.

What are you waiting for? Do not prolong the difficulty of managing the maintenance of your company the hard way. The resources is always available but the edge will only matter on which solution you are going to dedicate yourself into. And you have FaciliWorks on your top priority options, believe me, you are in the right track.