If you have assets and equipment, then you are definitely familiar with maintenance! Odds are you are spending more time and money with these maintenance routines, but thanks to CMMS software you can get everything in place. So precisely, What is CMMS software?

Computerized maintenance management system or software is an advanced system that enhances the management of different maintenance tasks and operation procedures. This software is specifically made for internal maintenance, is it manages inventory, equipment, and the entire maintenance teams on a single location. The maintenance department usually uses CMMS as the primary maintenance software since it covers a wide range of functionalities.

Today, CMMS software is widely used for easy keeping and access to centralized records of all the assets and pieces of equipment that a company has. It’s also handy when it comes to scheduling and tracking of maintenance activities and keeps a detailed record of the work being performed.

With the help of technologies, CMMS evolved into a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution and it has made the task of the maintenance team easier when it comes to digital transformation. Now, if still not convinced, take a look at these seven things you have to know about CMMS software.

CMMS is used to track work orders effectively

Using the CMMS software, the maintenance manager has the ability to select the equipment with a defect, describe the problems noted and can assign a specific technician in doing the repair. Tracking maintenance and repair can all be done remotely through the internet or using a mobile app. How convenient is that? That’s not all since soon after the machine is fixed, the assigned technician will just have to mark the work order as completed, and the manager will be notified that the work is done.

Task rotation and scheduling

Whenever a team starts scheduling preventive maintenance on each equipment, it’s vital to have a reliable work calendar. The CMMS systems are made to streamline the task since its custom made to schedule recurring work and send a reminder to the responsible people. An organized maintenance schedule is essential in helping to even out workloads for the entire maintenance group, ensuring that the assignments get done and not forgotten at all cost.

Handling external work requests

More often than not, a maintenance team has to take various work requests from partners outside the organization. Whether its a request from the assembly line operator who usually hears strange noises from a drill or just a  homeowner requesting shower or line repairs, the CMMS software serves as a central place to record all of the requests and track each completion and productivity.

Keeps a record of asset history

Whenever we have assets, we definitely put care into these investments. Regardless if it’s old or new, we need to have a history of the repairs for each equipment. This will effectively help us sort what the common challenges we may encounter with our machinery are. If you have history logs of machine repairs, it will be easy to check out what solved the problem the last time. Thus, it can save you time, money and efforts eliminating unnecessary checkups and fix. In a CMMS system, when the repair is completed, they are then recorded in the equipment’s log history and can be viewed again anytime.

Streamline the process of managing inventory

The field of maintenance needs to have reliable storage since there’s a lot of inventory that needs to be checked. Supplies like, machine spare parts, oil, and grease should never be taken for granted. The computerized maintenance management software enables the maintenance manager to visualize the count of items in the storage, how many were already used in repairs, and also the new orders. Effectively managing inventory can help prevent additional inventory related cost and losses.

Keeps audit and certification

One of the best thing about what a CMMS software do is they can keep records that can’t be changed or altered. The logging of every action is useful in case of accidents or an insurance claim. The assets history management can be easily audited so the inspector can see to it that the right maintenance procedure has been followed in every machine. Since the CMMS software keeps the data in a centralized system, it’s not difficult to check if the device has been ISO certified.

Where do I install CMMS software?

Installing a CMMS software is not that complicated at all, with the help of the right company that offers this software. You can run a CMMS software on your official business computer or the web.

There you have it; we talked about what is CMMS software and how easy it is to do maintenance. Meaning there will be less surprise breakdowns and operation outages eventually lead into your business losing money.

Having a CMMS System is an investment every business or machine owners must have allowing you to make better business decisions and fewer worries.